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Adnan Sami with Salman Khan

Pakistan born singer Adnan Sami who flew to Pahalgam last week to record his qawali at the Ashmuqam shrine for Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Baijan is completely bowled over by the location he landed in. He had a brief sojourn at the scenic spot along with his wife Roya.

“Heaven on Earth…,” screamed the singer on his social networking site, “Makes you fall in love again!” He shared a number of his mobile shots of the location with his followers.

Mr and Mrs Sami in Kashmir.

“Recently, in one of the most Romantic, Surreal & Beautiful places in the world – Pahalgam, Kashmir, with the love of my life Roya jan,” he said in another message.

Sami was with Salman Khan for a few days and then Khan had to fly out to Mumbai to attend the court hearing during which he was convicted for five years. The singer stayed back, recorded his qawali number and then returned to Mumbai for sharing his experiences in Kashmir and prayers for friend Salman.


The singer posted a series of messages suggestive of his prayers for a “changed” Khan. Finally, when the High Court stayed the verdict of the court, Sami joined the crowd of Khan’s friends to celebrate.

“God is Great!!! I’m extremely happy for Salman!! He deserves this relief,” Sami read on his wall. “Even God judges us at the END of our lives… God gives us many chances before that end to sort ourselves out…Therefore we must give each other the chance to resolve our lives during our lifetime… Salman is a new & improved man not just for himself but for the world… Salute to the Judiciary!!”

The singer returned on Wednesday after his recording at the Ashmuqam shrine of Zain-u-din Wali (RA). Though most of Salman Khan’s role is recorded, reports said, he still has to keep his date with Pahalgam along with lead actress Kareena Kapoor. The two actors may stay in Pahalgam for a week, starting later this month. The film shooting is still going on, reports added.


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