Armed RSS March Through Jammu City Highlights Mufti’s Sell-out, Says NC



National Conference on Saturday termed the heavily armed procession taken out by RSS through Jammu city as a dangerous manifestation of Mufti Sayeed’s sell-out to the BJP and said the procession was taken out with tacit approval from the Chief Minister and his party.

NC General Secretary Ali Mohammad Sagar, while condemning the open patronage to the divisive vigilantism of RSS by the Mufti Government, said such brazen display of armed aggression in the heart of Jammu was clearly aimed to intimidate and sow seeds of discord and animosity in the State.

The NC General Secretary said simultaneous oppressive tactics of the Mufti Government in the Valley by using force against mourners in Muharrum processions highlighted PDP’s brazen hypocrisy and double standards.

“While Mufti Sayeed gave permission to RSS to hold a heavily armed procession through the heart of Jammu City, he as the Home Minister of the State ordered batons to be unleashed on mourners in Muharrum. Similarly protesters in South Kashmir who were anguished at the death of Zahid who was attacked in Udhampur were cracked down upon without any mercy. The hypocrisy of PDP is now an open secret and is further adding to the sense of alienation and isolation in the Valley – which is extremely unfortunate,” the NC General Secretary said in a statement issued from NC Headquarters in Srinagar today.

“We wonder how many times Mufti Sahab will mortgage the integrity of his office to appease the BJP and the RSS. The atmosphere of insecurity and uncertainty in the State is worsening by every passing day as the Chief Minister is busy in extending all possible support to the RSS in furthering their agenda of divisiveness in J&K.”

The NC General Secretary said the heavily armed RSS procession through Jammu City was a departure from the norm in terms of the aggression and the arsenal of weapons that was on display and that this could be taken as an overt, open threat by the organization to religious minorities in the city.

“Rather than protecting the secular credentials of the State, the PDP-BJP Government is trying to polarize the State on religious and regional lines on the directions of the RSS. Such tactics can wreak havoc with the State and despite understanding the grim implications of such nefarious plans, Mufti Sahab’s appeasement of the RSS is tragic to say the least,” Sagar said.

“We appeal to the people of J&K to defeat Mufti Government’s plan of sowing seeds of anxiety and animosity in the State by maintaining communal harmony and amity.”


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