Article 35A: Dal lake witnessed floating protest


Kashmir Economic Alliance (KEA) on Sunday held a floating protest rally from Dalgate to Zeberwan Park against the attempts to abrogate special status of Jammu and Kashmir in Srinagar.

The shikhara owners and workers association stage protest against the attempts to abrogate Article 35A.KL Image: Mehraj Bhat

Carrying banners and chanting slogans, Shikhara owners and workers assembled under the banner of Kashmir Economic Alliance (KEA) near Nehru Park in Dal lake to register their protest against attempts to abrogate special status of Jammu and Kashmir.

While speaking with Media Kashmir Economic Alliance (KEA) Co-chairman expressed serious concerns. Farooq Ahmad Dar said, “abrogation of special status (Article 35A) is a direct attack on the autonomy of the Jammu and Kashmir”.

He blamed that “Central government is implementing agenda of the RSS as they are hell-bent to do away with Article 370 which gives JK special status in the country.”

“The wound inflicted on the state’s autonomy through the extension of GST is still fresh as another new machination has been launched to question the validity of Article 35A now,” he said.

Dar said that the protest is aimed to warn the Central government over the attempt to abrogate Article 35-A in the state. We won’t allow the Central government to abrogate Article 35-A in the state at any cost as the Jammu and Kashmir is a disputed territory and is enjoying its own constitution and powers.”

He said that the conspiracy to remove Article 35-A is aimed to infringe the special status of JK. “We are against this move and will oppose it tooth and nail,” he said.

KEA Members protests against tinkering with article 35A. KL Image by Bilal Bahadur

He stressed that the conspiracy to remove Article 35-A is essentially the agenda of communal, divisive and anti-democratic forces who want to thrive on uncertainty, discard, hatred and turmoil. The state government should take the case very seriously, contends it in the Supreme Court vigorously. Chairman KEA Mohammad Yousuf Chapri, vice chairman Ajaz Ahmed Shahdhar, chief spokesman Mohammad Yousuf Ronga, Shikara Association president Haji Wali Mohammad, Haji Nisar and Arshid Ahmed among other leaders of Kea participated in Shikara really.

The protesting Shikhara owners and association appeal the honorable Supreme Court to dismiss the petition so that the wild fears in the minds of already victimized people of Jammu and Kashmir come to an end once for all.

Protest over abrogation of special status have been held across the length and breadth of Kashmir over the past several days by various organizations included Bar Association, transporters, and trade bodies.


  1. It should not be removed. If, it is removed, it will come under Climate change effect due to urbanization. Still nature is coseveved. In Arunachal, Mizoram, Nagaland and Meghalaya conditions are same, it should be applied in North East too. Government should remove their special status too.

  2. Why make people of Jammu and Ladakh suffer ? The kashmiris should allow trifurcation of JK and then they can also allow pakistanis to settle via the laws ( given by accession) they have in Kashmir. Kashmir is jannat and terrorists then do not have to blow themselves up for jannat. They can staright walk into Kashmir and make it more beautiful. Regards


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