Ashok Pandit Exposed after Having Tea with ‘Jihadi Police’: Rasheed



Er Rasheed

Independent lawmaker Er Rasheed Sunday accused right wing actors Anupam Kher and Ashoq Pandit of “deriving pleasures” from the sufferings of Kashmiris and invited them for an open debate.

Addressing a public meeting at Zoonimar Srinagar today, Rasheed said, “These self-styled representatives of Kashmiri Pandit community need to remember that by their comedian and theatrics they are misleading none except themselves and their masters.”

“May Kher, Ashoq Pandith and other deserters of their class explain if Kashmiris are treating the NIT students like their own children and Kashmiri students studying outside are facing all sorts of vulnerability, shouldn’t these people have gone to Mewar, Jodhpur and other Universities to ensure communal harmony and safety of Kashmiri students. Had they even a bit of respect and love for Kashmir they could have contributed a lot by stopping the false propaganda against Kashmiris but by travelling to Kashmir in business class and enjoying VIP treatment at Srinagar Airport they cannot mislead innocent Indians who are a victim of disinformation campaign viz-a-viz Kashmir,” he said.

“Their dual face got badly exposed when they were enjoying the tea with officers of same JKP at Airport whom they were labelling as Jihadi police and abusing them on biased Indian TV channels,” he alleged.

“Rasheed dared Anupam Kher, Ashok Padith and other self-styled ultra-nationalists of a face-to-face public debate at a place of their choice and convenience,” an AIP statement said.

Er Rasheed 1

He expressed his displeasure that non-Kashmiri students, involved in violence at NIT, are not being arrested so far. Meanwhile, this afternoon “Rasheed was detained and lodged at police station Awantipora, on his way to Kapran to offer his condolence to the family of Abdul Gani Naikoo, allegedly killed in Army custody”, the statement added.


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