Assembly: Present regime atrocious, says Rasheed ‘shift juvenile lodged in Kotbalwal’

Aakash Hassan


Alleging that the present regime was atrocious, Langate Lawmaker Engineer Rasheed Wednesday again raised the issue of 14 years old juvenile who in languishing in Kotbalwal jail under “draconian” Public Safety Act.

Sahil Ahmad of Pamposh Colony Noor Bagh, according to Raseed, is in pathetic a condition in the jail.

Rasheed said that the present regime was atrocious, “This would be written in Agenda of Alliance,” he said.

Rasheed who visited the jail a few days ago said that the boy cries for the whole day in jail and that has taken a toll on his heath.

On Monday, Rasheed had requested the govt to shift him to a juvenile home. Govt has assured him that the matter will be looked upon.

However, while R&B minister was presenting grants today, Rasheed interrupted his speech a number of times and came into the well of the house.


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