Autocrat’s Birthday: ‘Mockery’ of martyrs of 1931, says Malik

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The Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Chairperson Muhammad Yasin Malik was Friday released from central jail Srinagar.

Malik was arrested on January 21 when he was trying to carry out a protest march to commemorate the anniversary of Gawkadal massacre victims.

After his release from the jail, Malik lashed out at the PDP-led government. He, while reacting to the resolution adopted by the legislative assembly to celebrate the birth anniversary of autocrat Maharaja Hari Singh as a Holiday, said that it is the height of hypocrisy to declare dictator Hari Singh’s birthday as a holiday and simultaneously observe July 13 as a ‘martyrs’ day.

Malik said that “hypocrites” are asking us to honor killers as well as their victims simultaneously. “How can these people observe July 13 as a martyrs’ day and at the same time observe dictator Hari Singh’s birthday as a holiday,” Malik asked?

He said that pro-India parties and politicians have actually made a mockery of the sacrifices and struggle of Kashmiris who fought for years to get rid-off autocratic rule from Jammu Kashmir.

“The philosophy behind these kinds of orders and legislations is that pro-India rulers and politicians have also become mini-Maharajas as their parties and politics is also promoting family politics in Jammu Kashmir.”

Meanwhile, Malik said that Pandits are a part and parcel of our society but rehabilitating them in separate “Israeli” type settlements is not acceptable.

He said Pandits are part and parcel of Kashmiri society and that no one in Kashmir can oppose their return as they belong to this land but simultaneously no one in Kashmir wants to see them living in Israeli type settlements (separate colonies) and spend their lives as aliens. JKLF chief said that Kashmiri Pandits have equal rights as Kashmiri Muslims and we all welcome them back whole heartedly.

“They should return, live at the places of their choice and gel with the rest of society in their own land as they have been living in the past.”


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