Bajaad expresses concern over lack of development

KL Report


Throwing light on the hardships faced by the Gujjar and Paharri communities, People’s Conference Parliamentarian candidate from the Baramulla constituency Salaam Bajaad expressed grave concern for the lack of development and opportunities available to this down trodden segment of society.

According to a statement issued to KNS, referring to the Gujjar’s and Paharri clans as intrinsic elements of Kashmiri cultural diversity and economy, he rued their deplorable state of affairs.

He went on to state that successive governments had paid no attention to the uplift of these neglected segments of society and they continued to lie on the periphery of all developmental indicators. “Not that the rest of Kashmir had enjoyed any presentable progress or prosperity but the Gujjars and Pahari’s continued as outliers to even the modest level of development experienced by the rest of Kashmir. Bajaad went on to state that this discrimination has to end and the Gujjar’s and Paharri’s need to be provided the opportunities to grow and prosper on an emergency footing.”

Reiterating his party’s aspiration for change, equality and empowerment Bajad stated “We will take all Kashmiri segments of society hand in hand without any discrimination towards any segment and embark upon a journey of empowerment on the basis of equality and driven by Change”.


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