PDP, BJP are blind to achievements of Coalition Govt: Kichloo

KL Report


Minister of State for I&C and Home Sajjad Ahmad Kichloo Saturday accused certain political parties of derailing the country’s and J&K’s development by raising pitch on issues that will, in the long run, destabilize the political environment in the State. He added that these parties will be answerable to the people, who are intelligent enough to reject them and vote for the right candidates in the coming elections. 

The Minister was addressing a series of party meetings and road show in Galhar, Pathernaki, Padyarna, Dool and other areas of Nagseni block of Kishtwar District. Canvassing for the Congress-NC candidate in Udhampur Parliamentary seat, the Minister stated that Ghulam Nabi Azad will be an ideal choice to represent the parliamentary constituency.

“Azad has a proven record of excellent governance over the last so many years. I am sure that he will be elected with a huge majority and he will change the face of the constituency,” Kichloo said. Addressing the people, who had come out in large numbers, Kichloo stated that the internal bickering within the BJP had prevented the party from releasing its election manifesto even when the elections are in overdrive. “How can people vote for the party that is yet to announce its manifesto?” he asked and added that the internal instability within the party will prove its waterloo.

He urged the people to vote for NC-Congress candidates so that UPA returns to power for the third successive time. The Minister also criticized the opposition PDP for never recognizing the efforts of the NC-Congress government in the State that has provided a stable and effective government.

“PDP has been openly praising BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. It seems that both are working in tandem to destabilize the state and launch misinformation campaign which the people of the State will expose by voting NC-Congress candidates to power in the Lok Sabha elections,” he said, adding PDP and BJP will not be allowed to trample the secular fabric of the State. The Minister also highlighted the achievements of the present coalition in which a responsive administration has been put into place which has brought in a new era of peace, tranquillity.


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