Beef Ban: Choices be Determined by Religious beliefs, not Dictated by State, says NC



National Conference Chief Spokesperson Friday said that individual choices be determined by religious beliefs not dictated by the state.

“Since the inception of the PDP-BJP Government led by Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, the J&K National Conference has time and again warned about a concerted effort being made to divide the State on regional and communal lines. The abject failure of the Mufti Government to place a cogent response to a PIL filed in the High Court, is either an act of gross incompetence or worse still part of a sinister plan.

The High Court in its interim order dated 8th September 2015 has observed that an appropriate response was not filed by the Government to the PIL number 24 of 2014 filed before the Jammu bench of the Honourable High Court. National Conference believes that this has given rise to the present explosive situation and has deeply hurt the sentiments of the majority community,” the NC Chief Spokesperson said this evening.

“The people of J&K acceded to a secular India and not to a theocratic State. In a multi-religious country like India religious beliefs of every community have to be respected and protected. This is enshrined in our constitution under Article 25. Certain choices are determined by religious beliefs and cannot and also should not be dictated by the State.

In light of the above, the National Conference believes that the recent tendency towards selective banning is regressive and part of a broader design to foment communal discord. We appeal to all sections of the society to respect the spirit of the constitution and provide enough space to all religions to follow their beliefs.”

In the meantime, J&K National Conference is consulting legal and constitutional experts with a view to effect suitable amendments in relevant sections of the Ranbir Penal Code (RPC) in order to pre-empt such situations from arising again in the future, the statement said.


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