Beef Ban: ‘Let NC, PDP Support My Bill on Abolishing Ban on Slaughtering Bovine Animals’



MLA Langate Er Rasheed Wednesday asked NC and PDP to stop befooling people and playing blame game over beef ban issue and said that it is all because of their “dubious and criminal role” that highly objectionable law banning slaughtering of bovine animals is in place in the state.

In a statement issued today, Rasheed said PDP-led govt not only failed to plead the case in the high court but also didn’t took any stern action against the petitioner who happens to be its own deputy advocate general.

National Conference, he said, on the other hand needs to explain that why it didn’t abolish section 298 A and B despite the fact that three generations of Sheikh dynasty ruled the state.

“While NC ruled for the major tenure, PDP should not forget that it has taken birth from Congress which not only ruled the state for long but is root of many evils in the state,” he said. “It is high time for both these Kashmir-based parties, to rectify their mistakes of the past and begin a new era by supporting the bill already submitted last week in the assembly secretariat.”

Er Rasheed also criticized govt for holding brief autumn session and alleged that the decision is not only violation and disgrace of the constitution but a cruel joke with the people of the state.

“In fact govt is visible neither on the ground nor in the secretariat and the decision to hold the session brief as usual is an ample proof that govt doesn’t want to face the house,” he said. “One needs to remember the primary duty of a legislator is to make laws in the assembly and discuss very important issues.”

Er Rasheed reminded PDP and BJP that during past six years when they were in opposition, they used to argue that assembly should have at least 100 sittings a year to fulfill the constitutional requirements but now when they are themselves in power they seem to have “forgotten their own logics and arguments”.


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