Beef Ban: UJC Urges OIC to Intervene



Secretary General United Jihad Council and chief of Tehreek-i-Mujahideen Sheikh Jameel-Ur-Rehman has urged Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) to take strong note of beef on ban in Jammu and Kashmir and said that the ban proves the Indian judiciary was “communal and partisan”.

In an e-mailed statement to KNS, Jameel-Ur-Rehman said that ban on beef on Kashmir was not only the issue of Kashmiri Muslims but of Muslims across globe. “I appeal OIC to put a diplomatic pressure on India so that anti-Muslim action of the India government are stopped forthwith,” he said adding that Indian judiciary is known for “giving judgements not on rationality but to satisfy collective conscience of nation” or to “satisfy religious bigotry”.

While condemning the J&K High Court’s order of banning the beef in Jammu and Kashmir, the UJC general secretary said it was a “well thought of strategy of Indian government, which is using judiciary for its nefarious designs”.


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