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State Director General of Police Ashok Prasad were confirming that clashes between protestors and police took place at various places in the valley, said restraint observed by the state police ensured minimum damage during the clashes.

He said better management and less public support to the protests resulted in minimizing damage to life and property.

“The police put non lethal weapons into use in all areas of the valley accept one were police has to open fire to disperse the mob. We had put better arrangements to ensure peace throughout the day which helped in preventing violence”, he added.

He said police has to open fire at one place in Pulwama District.

The DGP confirmed injuries to at least 60 people including SP, DSP, ASI and 39 policemen. He said one among the 18 civilians injured on Saturday had received critical injuries. However he said his life was out of danger.

Prasad said protests and stone pelting incidents were mostly witnessed in North Kashmir Areas whereas South and Central Kashmir were largely peaceful.

However, the DGP rejected reports that the government had called in Army to deal with the situation in valley. “Army was not called in officially, however, it is already present in rural Areas and helps maintenance of peace as a matter of routine”.

Claiming that certain people wanted to exploit the situation, he said police ensured that their designs were not allowed to succeed. The DGP said police and forces will maintain utmost vigilance to ensure peace and tranquility across the valley while exercising maximum restraint


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