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Kashmiris might be soon warming themselves with a technology-driven Solar Kangri, the traditional firepot of the valley created by Idrees-ul-Beigh, a young engineer from Kashmir valley who has many more innovations to his credit, Bilal Handoo reports.

Idrees-ul-Beigh, a budding innovator who recently completed his B Tech (Electrical) from MIET, Jammu has created a ‘Solar Kangri’ that will require solar energy instead of charcoal to provide heat during winters. “Kangri in Kashmir often irks most of its users as it is always accompanied with the danger of spilling the embers. Recent medical studies have shown it to be a cause for cancer also. To overcome some of these effects, I thought of making something innovative which would benefit society at large,” he says.

Beigh believes his innovation would open up a new window in the field of heating devices used in Kashmir. While outlying the idea, he says his innovation makes the use of the readily available energy that otherwise gets wasted. “It harnesses solar energy and converts it into the thermal energy with the help of charge controller,” he told Kashmir Life.

His tryst with research and innovation started in his college days where he presented his first research paper on ‘E-governance in Jammu and Kashmir’. His spirit of research has continued thereafter. Hailing from Lalbazar area of Srinagar, Beigh has few other innovations to his credit as well. On Oct 13, 2011, after two years of research, he presented his much-hyped innovation, ”Self Charging Of Cell Phones” during Science Congress at Jammu University.

“This product has the ability to charge cell phones itself with the help of body heat, mechanical energy and solar energy. The concept was so novel that it was not only highlighted in India but also globally,” he says with excitement.

On the eve of New Year, Beigh came out with his second innovation, ‘SMS Based Non-Conventional Water Pump’. “In this innovation, the water motor pump works on solar energy and send user SMS when the tank is full or when motor is not getting water to lift,” he says.

Beigh also cracked the AIEEE exam held in April 2007 and managed to get admission at National Institute of Aeronautical Engineering but he left the institute within six months and returned to valley. He was one of the participants in last year’s 8th Science Congress at Kashmir University where he presented his research project on ‘Non Convo-Geothermal based Air Conditioning system’.

“This innovative product maintains the same temperature in living rooms as 10 km beneath the ground. The product can change the existing air conditioning methods in vogue.”

Apart from carrying out research, Beigh has also opened a forum called Jammu & Kashmir Innovators Forum (JKIF) that works to provide platform to young minds in Kashmir. At present, 13 technology geeks of the valley are associated with his forum of which six are retired engineers while seven are engineering graduates.

“JKIF works to tap young minds of the state by organizing lectures, awareness camps, power point presentations, etc. This forum registers the new innovations and also helps new innovators to present their work in front of the world,” Beigh says.

His team is working on a device that would record dreams. “Till morning, one forgets 30 percent of dreams. At the end of the day, the rest 70 percent vanishes from human memory. The device will record all brain waves during night and then translate it visually on LCD after seven days,” says Beigh.

He is also active on social issues and has made his own environmental group called Social Royal Voluntary Environmental Service which comprises of more than 200 members across Jammu and Kashmir. During his school days, his interest lay in arm wrestling, cricket and social service. In April 2004, he represented India as a vice-chairman of “The Bharat Scouts and Guides, India” at Pakistan Boy Scout Association, Islamabad, Pakistan.

On June 11, 2005, Beigh was awarded with Rajya Puruskar (Governor Award) by the former Governor of J&K, SK Sinha in the field of social service as a Scout. This budding innovator of J&K believes that the state needs real engineers who can change its scenario.

“Energy crises is increasing daily and we need to shift towards non-conventional sources. This is where engineers can play a big role.” While he aspires to work harder for the larger good of the people of Kashmir, he humbly says that his innovations are just a beginning of his long career.



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