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Chiseling Craft

Over the years, the art of Khatambandhi and other indigenous arts are facing a slow death. However, Hirra Azmat and…

Drowning ‘Dreams’

With government ban in force on the making of new houseboats, a gradual decline in manual workforce associated with the…

Pheran goes ‘Phoren’

Ever since Mughal’s vanquished Kashmir, Pheran has survived as part of Kashmir’s identity. Now it is a grand mix of…

Pheran is Back

From a traditional wear to keep oneself warm during winters to fashion statement, Pheran has come a long way. Rahiba…

Out to Survive

When her father died leaving behind a family of ten to feed, people offered help. But Ara Jan, daughter number…

Tenacious Ten

It all started with a dream to make big in life. With financial help from J&K bank under its SKEWPY…

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