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Kashmir’s key heritage sector, handicrafts were the main products that introduced the art of the valley to the rest of the world. Though currently under stress for a set of reasons, some even beyond the control of artisans and the traders, the handicrafts continues to be a major player of Kashmir’s economy. This section features the crafts and the craftsmen, the process and the innovations in addition to the market that is global in nature.

Artisans to Artists

The cultural industries of Kashmir can become the harbinger of an enterprising future for commerce, says Haseeb A Drabu. Handicraft…

Delicate Mastery

It’s hard to imagine that these beautifully crafted pieces of art are created from some of the simplest of raw…

Retrieving The Glory

Handicrafts have been the main movers of Kashmir economy for centuries. The industry has survived through Kashmir’s troublesome history, but…

Threads Of Discontent

The traditional Kashmiri shawl is facing an alarming decline in demand due to convincing duplicates manufactured outside the state. Majid…

Dying art

The beautiful Panjrakari that for centuries decorated Kashmir’s mosques, shrines and some government buildings may soon be a thing of…

Warming up to wool

J&K sells 70 percent of it wool in raw form for lack of processing units. Consultants engaged by the government…

Weaving A Dream

Overcoming financial limitations, Arifa’s determination and optimism to excel  in handicrafts helped her create a niche in the male-dominated sector,…

No respite

The government has refused to pay compensation to artisans affected by the ban on fur trade saying they don’t know…

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