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Kashmir’s key heritage sector, handicrafts were the main products that introduced the art of the valley to the rest of the world. Though currently under stress for a set of reasons, some even beyond the control of artisans and the traders, the handicrafts continues to be a major player of Kashmir’s economy. This section features the crafts and the craftsmen, the process and the innovations in addition to the market that is global in nature.

Tackling recession

NASEER SHAH Recession has started taking its toll and the artisans in Kashmir’s handicraft sector are becoming instant targets of…

Cover Story

They were launched as promising businesses but interfering politicians rendered them unviable. In effect shaking the lives of thousands of…

Back on global radar

A buyer seller meet has brought international buyers for Kashmir handicrafts direct to Srinagar, building links between Kashmiri traders and…

Survival on a prized craft

Despite growing demands of Khatamband ceilings, not many artisans are eager to pass on the craft to their children. Surviving…

Countering Recession

J&K Bank has came out with four products including the revised DastKaar Finance, a product launched a few years back.…

Floating in turbulence

Mushtaq A Punjabi The world is under heat of recession that has affected almost all the big economies; slightly or…

The wheel is slowing

A potter’s wheel once carved out almost all household goods. But now the use of earthenware is limited as polythene…

Recession is here

It was a blessing and a disgrace at the same time as the apparent insulation of J&K’s small economy from…

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