Books on Kashmiri handicrafts

A lot of books have been written about handicrafts in Kashmir, which have dealt with various subjects ranging from identification of the processes involved in manufacture, profiling of artisans and arts, and history and evolution of the craft. Kashmir life produces some of the significant books written on Kashmiri handicrafts.

Anamika Pathak's book on  Pashmina.
Anamika Pathak’s book on Pashmina.


By Anamika Pathak,

National Museum and Victoria & Albert Museum (2004)


PASHMINA: The Kashmir

Shawl and Beyond

By Janet Rizvi and Monisha Ahmed (2009)



By Antonio Ferrazzani (2005)


THE KASHMIR SHAWL (Victoria and Albert Museum Monograph,  No 29)

By John Irwin (1974)


WRAPPED IN BEAUTY: The Koelz Collection of Kashmiri Shawls

By Grace M. Beardsley,

Carla M. Sinopoli

University of Michigan, Museum of Anthropology (2005)



By Frank Ames (1997)



By Yale University Art (1975)



By John Irwin (1981)


GOAT: A Story of Kashmir and Notting Hill

By Justine Hardy (2000)


Shawl from Kashmir and Other Stories

By Manuel A Viray (1992)


Kashmir Shawl

By Rosie Thomas (2011)


The Kashmir Shawl

By Sarah Buie Pauly and Rebecca Corrie by

The Yale University (1975)


KASHMIR SHAWL: From Jamavar to Paisley

By Sherry Rehman and Naheed Jafri (2005)


The secret of the Kashmir shawl (Her Melody lane mystery stories)

By Lilian C McNamara Garis (1939)


Cashmere Shawls (Cincinnati museum, textile series)

By Margaret Rives King (1921)


Kashmir Shawl and Its Derivatives in North American Collections (2000)



By Alan, and Sarah Buie Pauly Shestack (1975)


Woven Materpieces of Sikh Heritage: The Stylistic Development of the Kashmir Shawl under Maharaja Ranjit Singh 1780-1839

By Frank Ames (2010)


The history & romance of the paisley shawl: With a foreword on the Kashmir shawls

By A M Stewart (1946)


The Kashmir Shawl (Victoria & Albert Museum)

By Irwin John (1973)


The Secret of the Kashmir Shawl

By Lilian Garis (1939)


Shawls of the East: From Kerman to Kashmir

By Parviz Nemati (2003)


Old cashmere shawls: How they are made and why the art is lost

By Margaret Rives King (1892)


Export marketing of Kashmir handicrafts

By Manzoor Ahmed Shah (1992)


Jammu Kashmir handicrafts and global market

By Dr Santosh Gupta (1992)


Market opportunities for handicrafts of Jammu & Kashmir in United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, West Germany and France (1983)


Design Techniques of Kashmir Handloom Textiles

By Rachael G Mossman (2010)


Kashmir shawls: Woven art & cultural document: a unique collection of Indian drawings illustrating the production of Kashmir shawls, commissioned for the 1867 Paris Exposition


The cashmere shawl

Monique Lévi-Strauss (1988)


The romance of the cashmere shawl

Monique Lévi-Strauss (1987)


The Kashmir shawl and its Indo-French influence Frank Ames, Antique Collectors’ Club


Shawls: A study in Indo-European influences, Part 11

John Irwin (1955)

(This is just a select list of writings in English.)


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