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Short Story
Road to Drung

Aijaz Ganai Drung, a picturesque tourist attraction under the mighty shadow of Afarvat Mountain and in the lap of Gulmarg,…

Short Story
The world outside

by Younis Kaloo Five-month pregnant Rashida crossed the road and sat on the concrete step of a shop owned by a…

Short Story
The Child Bookseller

by Younis Kaloo Near the marble-topped stairs of a metro station in Delhi, 10 year-old Gaurav sets his makeshift stall…

Short Story
Crack Down

by Shabir Ahmad Mir In the mirror, he could see the calendar hanging from the wall behind him. He could…

Short Story
Standing amid Smoke

By Younis Kaloo  “It is my turn, Rehet Mouj’i.”  “No, no, it is mine. Give me first, Rehet Mouj’i.”  “I…

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