Caught Between Parental Pressure and Swift Exam Stress, Student Attempts Suicide

Saima Rashid


Students holding their classmate at Srinagar’s Press Enclave, who attempts suicide. Pic: Bilal Bahadur.

Tenth class students of Srinagar’s premier Burn Hall School staged protest at Press Enclave Monday against the “speedy and inappropriate” exam schedule by school administration. The raged students alleged that they were given less time to prepare for their in-house exams.

“It happens nowhere that 60 chapters are completed in one month but our school is an exception for that,” said one protesting student. “Chapter like Carbon and its Compounds almost take one month to be covered, but our school teachers completed it in just 3 days.”

One student tried to a commit suicide, as students said, his parents had warned him to get 90 per cent marks anyhow. His mates said: “Look, he can’t even speak properly. He is almost out of his senses, because the pressure is from both sides.”

“Being unprepared for the exams with so much of syllabus to cover haunts all of us,” the students said.

The students demanded more time from School administration for preparing exams. “It was our maths paper today and none of us appeared in the exams, because we couldn’t prepare it in the given time,” another student said.

Meanwhile, the school authorities while commenting on the issue said they will be holding meeting with parents of protesting students to sort out the issue shortly. “We understand their problems and trust us, we are on it,” said Feroz Ahmad, Secretary of the School. “But still, students should have appeared in exams with whatever preparation they had.”

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