Closure of Pratap Park irks people, floriculture Dept blames Police



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State Floriculture Department has alleged that Police have locked all the gates of Pratap Park to deny entry of common people into the park. Pratap Park located in the heart of the Srinagar city was officially thrown open for public in 2016 June. It was renovated after hit by devastating September 2014 floods under a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project.

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The park is a resting place for those who visit to city for different purposes from far-flung areas. “In this holy month of Ramadhan, lot of people used to rest under the shades of Chinar tree in this park, but the park is closed from past many days,” said a trader.

The Police have reportedly closed the park in wake of frequent protests. “The protesters usually assemble inside the park given the fact there is Press Enclave for this purpose. To stop protesters entering into the park, the gates have been locked to the much annoyance of the common people.”

People especially visiting city from far-flung areas are unable to spend their spared time in the park these days. “Why to make common people suffer. Either government should persuade protesters to protest at other place or it should redress their grievances,” said a pedestrian.

Director Floriculture Muhammad Hussain Mir told CNS that they have not locked any gate of the park. “Please ask Police for the reason. It is Police that have been locking the gates of the park,” Mir said. (CNS)


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