CM Appeals People To Help Restore Normality

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In his fervent appeal to the people to help the Administration in restoring peace and tranquillity in the areas which witness clashes between two groups of the community, Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Sunday asked them not to fall prey to the ‘propaganda’ being propagated by vested interests and rumour mongers. He said some political parties want to flare up the tension to polarize the society keeping eye on elections.11kashmir1

“The role of these political parties in 2008 tension is before you. They want to create similar situation by exploiting the sentiments of the people and dividing them on communal grounds now also. Instead of extending helping hand to the government to restore calm and tranquillity, they try to fuel the fire for vested interests”, he said without naming BJP and added that some parties keep their political interests above human interest.

As per a statement Chief Minister has given resume of the Kishtwar incident and said that the Administration after observing that local police and para-military forces were not in a position to control the situation, made a written request for the help of Army to the civil Administration in restoring peace and law and order situation in Kishtwar. “Within hours despite many odds, the Army conducted flag march in Kishtwar town and situation was controlled before nightfall”, he said and added that some political parties try to expand the tension to other parts of Jammu, Reasi and Rajouri which made the Administration to call Army to the help of civil Administration in these areas.

Addressing a press conference at SKICC here this morning, Omar Abdullah has said that his talking to press at this point in time was to make direct appeal to the people of Jammu and Kashmir through the print and electronic media to rise to the occasion and exhibit their commitment to peace, brotherhood, communal harmony and tolerance which is the trait of people of Jammu and Kashmir.

“I want to make direct appeal to people in this regard as I know political parties have their own agenda and interests and my words will fall flat on deaf ears”, he said adding that he wants people to respond to my appeal and help maintain calm and tranquillity. He said Hindus and Muslims and other sections of the society have lived in peace and togetherness in the past and they have to live like brothers in the future. He said political parties want to polarize the situation, and create 2008 and 2010 like situations for their vested interest and vote bank politics.

11kashmir2The Chief Minister in reply to a question said that though, he does not blame any political party for initial clashes between two groups of people at Kishtwar but some parties always want to take advantage of these interests for vote bank politics. He questioned the BJP leader Arun Jaitley’s visit to Jammu at this point in time and said that this is politically motivated and not to help the Administration to restore situation.

Omar Abdullah said that no leader of any political party would be allowed to visit Kishtwar or any other troubled areas because this would flare up the tension between the two communities and some political parties in such situations keep political benefits above human interests. He said there are numerous examples of clashes between Hindus and Muslims elsewhere in the Country where BJP did not sent their leadership. He questioned the strategy of BJP of sending their leaders only Jammu and Kashmir and particularly to the Jammu belt in such situations. “This is only aimed at polarizing the situation for political reasons”, he said and asked BJP why not it sent its leaders to the areas of Budgam when there was clash between two groups of Muslims.


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