CM Can’t Wash Hands Off Innocent Killings: PDP

KL Report


Expressing abject dismay at the Chief Minister’s disowning the case related to the killing of two youth in Markandal near Sonawari, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Thursday said Omar Abdullah couldn’t claim to be the chief minister and yet wash his hands off innocent blood spilled in the state.

In a statement issued here, PDP chief spokesperson, Naeem Akhtar said the Chief Minister has taken the unusual mix of his arrogance and incompetence to the next level after having expressed his helplessness, in April this year, on the floor of the house over a similar incident in Baramulla.

“By arrogantly asking the newsmen to inquire from army about the status of investigation into the killing of Sonawari youth, Omar Abdullah has not just conveyed his abdication of responsibility, but has insulted the chair he is occupying,” Akhtar said.

Referring to the news report that many government organisations in the state were headless, Akhtar said the state government could in view of CM’s outright abdication of his duties also be declared as headless.

“The CM’s position in J&K can easily be declared as vacant till it is held by Omar Abdullah,” Akhtar observed. He said the chief minister should instead of pleading helplessness have set example of probity by taking action against those involved it cold blooded killings over last 5 years and cannot claim impunity under AFSPA.

PDP chief spokesperson said the shifting stands on the revocation of AFSPA have reduced the chief minister’s position to a mockery of the system in which we operate.

He said the latest observation of chief minister “I won’t talk about AFSPA right now” indicates that he (CM) has finally given up on it as “life’s mission.”

Akhtar said the CM had announced revocation of AFSPA “within two or three days” on October 21st, 2011 in the aftermath of Haji Yousuf’s death in suspicious circumstances that had related it to the goings on in the Abdullah family.

He said after that the chief minister has been regularly diluting his stand on this important issue which was initially brought up by him to divert attention from the controversy arising from Haji Yousuf’s death.

“It is now obvious from his (CM’s) Wednesday’s remarks that he has related the issue of fundamental rights to events that can generally be attributed to the disastrous governance that Omar has presided over during last five years,” Akhtar said adding “he continued to raise AFSPA as slogan to cover his failure on every front and has apparently dumped it for good now.”

Reiterating PDP’s stance on the draconian laws like AFSPA, Akhtar said their revocation was a prerequisite to any progress on the political resolution of J&K problem.

He said the PDP would continue its struggle with the support of people for the restoration of civil liberties and fundamental rights in the state as were available to people in rest of the country.

He said strengthening of democratic and civil institutions without interference from security forces was inescapable for ensuring rule of law in the state.




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