Coalition has Done more Damage than Any Benefit, Especially to Muslim Population: Karra



Tariq Hameed Karra
Tariq Hameed Karra

Strongly condemning the murderous assault on independent MLA Sheikh Abdul Rashid’s cavalcade at Baderwah, senior PDP politician and MP Tariq Hameed Karra Wednesday sought stern action against the accused goons of VHP, RSS and BJP for their reprehensible action.

In a statement to KNS, Karra said, “growing intolerance coupled with aggression has become norm of the day in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. In only a week’s time we have witnessed three horrific incidents perpetrated by the fascist goons in the state. First a Kashmir-bound oil tanker driver was attacked near Nandini on Srinagar-Jammu highway who was lucky enough to escape death.”‎

“Secondly, MLA Rashid survived a planned onslaught at Kishtwar‎ by BJP hooligans. Ironically, government didn’t take any lesson or chose to downplay such acts of aggression and vandalism which has let loose fascist forces across the state. Intolerance has surpassed all limits and J&K is even surpassing national standards of intolerance,” Karra said‎.

He further added, “in this situation a question arises what should a common Kashmir do about his safety in his own state, where in broad day light, in front of the police, an elected law maker is attacked and assaulted. This shows the strength that communal forces have gained in the state after this unexpected collation. Inaction form the government is only acting as a pat on their back.”‎

“I had foreseen such things happening in J&K which prompted me to ask PDP for its course correction and I am still of the fervent opinion that coalition has done more damage than any benefit to the party and people of Jammu and Kashmir especially the Muslim population. It is high time that the secular forces join hands to fight the fascist forces out. The stage is already set by the Bihar results and the mood of the country is quite evident and very visible in this regard,” he said‎.

“The atmosphere of intolerance is a reflection that the coalition sans semblance of ideologies. The executers of these incidents are not only intolerant but they are getting more and more aggressive every passing time. There is a clear indication that these fascist gangs are being backed by people at helm of affairs. Situation is grim and intolerance is getting out of control. The fire is kindled from all communal corners and it is extremely high time for PDP to rethink its alliance and save the state of Jammu & Kashmir from the flames of hate and anguish. We cannot let J&K become a laboratory for communal testing and propaganda,” Karra added.‎

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