Coronavirus: Army sets up helpline in Valley


As part of continued preparation and response for COVID-19, the Army intensified measures to combat the outbreak and spread of COVID-19 in Kashmir.

Army’s Srinagar-based spokesman, Colonel Rajesh Kalia said, “Furthering its efforts, the Army has established multiple telephone helplines to provide information and assistance to the Awaami.”

He said that with the spread of novel coronavirus, there is a sense of uncertainty among the population, as many are not sure what measures to take to safeguard themselves and their family. “To this effect, the Army has been constantly updating the public with all relevant information during this pandemic through various platforms,” he added.

These initiatives, army spokesman said, are to ensure that the individuals do not become unwitting carriers of the virus and are well informed about the various preventive measures to be adopted. “In order to now provide immediate relief to those seeking advice or assistance COVID-19 Helplines will be made available across the Kashmir Valley. These helplines are a critical resource for the Awaam and will ensure addressing the questions of concerned residents and providing the most up-to-date information resource,” said the spokesman.

Srinagar residents can reach out for help on 0194-2467326, residents of other districts can seek assistance through helplines at Baramulla (0195-2238826), Kupwara (0195-5252996), Shalateng (0194-2496618) and Awantipura (0193-3247087). The helplines will be active 24×7 to address general questions and concerns regarding the prevention of COVID-19, Army’s Srinagar-based spokesman, Colonel Rajesh Kalia in a statement said.


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