Coronavirus: No Inter-State Movement Of Migrant Workers During Lockdown, Says Centre


No inter-state travel of migrant workers must be allowed after the centre implements its decision to open some economic activities in non-hotspot areas from tomorrow, the Union Home Ministry said in its advisory to the states on Sunday.

It also said the workers stranded in the relief camps because of the lockdown must register with local authorities to “find out their suitability for various kinds of work”.

“It may be noted that there shall be no movement of labour outside the state/UT from where they are currently located,” the advisory said.

“The migrant labourers currently residing in relief/shelter camps should be registered with the concerned local authority and their skill mapping be carried out to find out their suitability for various kinds of work,” it added.

The centre last week announced it would allow some construction activities and industrial operation in rural areas from April 20. Offices of Government of India and offices of states and union territories, private vehicles for emergency services, e-commerce companies selling essential goods; courier services, MNREGA works and financial sector will also be allowed to function to ease the economic distress arising because of the weeks-long ongoing lockdown.

“Since additional new activities, outside the containment zones, have been permitted in the consolidated revised guidelines with effect from 20th April 20, these workers could be engaged in industrial, manufacturing, construction, farming and MNREGA works,” the ministry said in the statement.

Migrants who wish to return to their places of work within the state where they are presently located must be screened for coronavirus, it said. Only those with no symptoms must be transported to their places of work, it added. (Agencies)


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