Why BGSB University Is A Different Institution? 

by Sheikh Amir

Education is a process. It ranges beyond books and involves the overall development of an individual. From schools to universities, different institutions play different roles. Determining attitudes and developing capabilities, the roles are diverse. But as Alama Iqbal (RA) has said, Knowledge is nothing but a veil. The one who helps to unveil is a teacher. The sync between teachers and individuals make a great combination of success.

Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University: A View Of The Campus

The institution which I have come across is a great combo of everything. A perfect model to impart what life requires. I am talking about Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah (BGSB) University. The University was established by an Act of JK Legislative Assembly called Jammu and Kashmir Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University Act no. XVI of 2002.

As we see erudite scholars, academicians, students, and learners in quest of joining different educational institutions for the attainment of education, I find BGSBU as a satisfying destination. It provides everything under one roof.  The channel of imparting education is decentralized to the extent that the highest chair and the lowest position contribute in their way for the betterment of the students. Different intermediaries, same motive – a quality education. This channel is working as a unified system like a vertical marketing system to perform on their part- controlling and modifying the behaviour of their assets (students) through obligating to their duties. The students have a responsibility to reciprocate.

Motivated to help students in every possible way, the administration is on toes, always. Every activity is monitored, every step taken watched keenly. Understanding the essence of changing scenarios, new courses are introduced. The existing ones are modified.

In today’s race, we see priority is given to a place. A myth has been created that institutions having ideal locations, better hype is going to fetch better results. But education is not subservient to the locations and public relations, it is an intrinsic concept where you have to rely on the sincerity of the purpose. We do see grades deciding at times, but the lessons are not learned are

Achieving knowledge in any field depends upon a person’s curiosity for learning. There are different ways. God gifted, hardworking and average learners may differ in their comprehension, envision, and grasping of subject matter, but one thing that is common in them is their pursuit of techniques, procedures, and methods of attaining knowledge, for that everyone is in search of.

BGSB University has its focus on fostering such a milieu that will cater to the true education of the students. With serene surroundings, the university offers you a way to connect to yourself, nature and your purpose of life.

As we know the teacher is an input provider, someone who carves out the competencies. At BGSB university we have teachers beyond excellence. An example of brilliance. The mix of everything is offered. The importance of the classroom, the advantage of the auditorium, the sense of the market, the intervention of technology. Everything. This all is being provided at an affordable cost.

The output is the best measure to see success. When we have a look around, the university alumni have created a brilliant track record of their adjustment in various reputed departments across different states. They have qualified various competitive examinations at the state as well as at the central level. Among the alumni are those who have established their business ventures and some are working abroad in MNCs. May adorn the respectable chairs in the government. Few more impart education at the best universities.

The affectionate cocoon of this university is not something imposed rather it is its immanent legacy. A young student finds love, belongingness, responsibility and all other treasures that are vital for living their entire life.

Sheikh Amir

BGSB University is a lab where a student undergoes different processes. My sincere suggestion goes out to all those who have an urge to contribute. Come to Rajouri, you will have a world changed. Here you will get a  platform for knowing core strengths, enhancing vision, inculcation a sense of being autonomous, maintaining privacy, and developing a cheerful sense of humour.

Thus, finally, you will be prepared for achieving the goal of self-actualization.

(The writer is a Research Scholar at BGSB University. Ideas expressed are personal.)


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