The valley of Kashmir is highly volatile to earth quakes and floods. 2005 earth quake, 2014 floods, cloud burst in Ladakh and in various other parts of J&K State. Frequent cases of fire incidences have still not alarmed the state and the Union governments to highly develop SDRF in terms of training, equipment’s and modernization. During 2014 floods SDRF was no better than the common public. SDRF continues to lack even the basic

“Irony is Crores of funds are sent by Union Government for disaster management which either get lapsed or find their way in the pockets of blue eyed policy makers and officials,” a statement issued by CSFK said.

Civil Society Forum of Kashmir (CSFK) expresses deep shock how SDRF is being neglected on all the fronts by state and Union governments.

“Such deliberate intention to ill equipped SDRF is a grave injustice to the people of J&K State and puts lives of Lakhs of people at risk.

Civil Society Forum of Kashmir (CSFK) strongly appeals to Union and State Governments to ensure up-gradation and modernization of SDRF on all fronts in terms of equipment’s, manpower, communication and training, CSFK further appeals State Government to enter into cross disaster management programs with other states and even outside India.


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