Curfew Imposed In Kishtwar After Communal Tension

KL Report


Army was called in and Curfew imposed in Kishtwar after the two communities clashed at the time of Eid prayers.

Reports coming from Kistwar to this office suggest that people were coming from Bandirna,  Hullar and Kuleed to offer congregational  Eid prayers at Eidgah in Chogan, Kishtwar.

Eye witnesses told Kashmir Life that when the people reached to the square before entering into the Eidgah, people from other community allegedly pelted stones and hurled abuses. This resulted in the altercation which led to the communal tension between the two communities. According to reports few shops and vehicles were set on fire. To quell the protesters police resorted to aerial firing.

Minister of state for home affairs, Sajjad Ahmad Kichloo who is also local MLA when arrived at the spot faced strong resentment from the protesters.

“Kichloo had to face the angry protesters who pelted stones and raised slogans,” an eye witness told Kashmir Life on condition of anonymity.

To control the situation, the district administration called in army and imposed curfew in the area.



  1. why the news papper write wrong news they don;t know what happen going in kishtwar. the muslim don;t want pace every time they make wrong comment, now they saying that hindu pelting stones on their eid prayers. its totaly wrong

  2. Dear, u don’t knw about the matter due to which communal tension arise in kishtwar. The above news is absolutly write…..her qoom main koi na koi nasur hota hai chahhe wo hindu ho ya muslim…ya aur koi…

  3. Subhash g!U and ua hndu goons wr.dsruptd the peace thr.First they hurld stnes and abuses,dn muslims alterctn wd them.Nd also ua goons atckd the SHO KSHTWAR Also,Y?


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