#Day44: Hit By Cop Baton, 9-yr-old Shahid is Latest Entrant at SHMS’s Ward 8

Zafar Aafaq


Shahid A Bhat of Khaag admitted at Srinaagr's SMHS Hospital. (Photo courtesy: Mehraj Bhat/KL)
Shahid A Bhat of Khaag admitted at Srinagar’s SMHS Hospital. (Photo courtesy: Mehraj Bhat/KL)

Few days back Shahid’s parents had deported him from his home in Sigyen to his maternal uncle’s home in Khaag in a bid to keep him away from clashes. But destiny had something ominous in store for 9-year-old Shahid A Bhat.

Shahid lies numb on a bed in much-touted ward number 8 of Srinagar’s SMHS hospital. The ward has become treatment den for pellet injured hit in the eye(s). His left eye carrying a deep wound is covered with swathes of white bandage after being operated.

He is still recovering from the anaesthesia that was employed at the time of surgery.

The kid was injured when according to his cousin Jameela (not her real name), a cop hit him in the eye with his baton.

Jameela said that on Saturday evening, Shahid was out of the house when clashes erupted in Khaag area of central Kashmir’s Budgam district.

“The cops fired tear gas shells, pellets and chased away youth,” she recalled. “A cop caught hold of Shahid and hit him with his stick which left a deep wound in his left eye.”

He was brought home profusely bleeding by boys.

We took him to a nearby hospital in Khaag, where doctors referred him to SMHS Srinagar.

With ban on mobile telephony, the parents of Shahid who live in Sigyen village, far away from Khaag, are yet to know about the incident.

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