#Day46: Time For Referendum If Only 5% Are Responsible For Uprising, says Hurriyat (g)



All Parties Hurriyat Conference (g) on Tuesday said it was surprised over the statement of Chief Minister Ms Mehbooba Mufti wherein she had said that “handful of people (5%) is “inciting trouble” while 95% people are not concerned”.

APHC-g questioned Ms Mufti that if it is only 5% who are in the movement, “why your 7 lakh forces and one lakh police along with their artillery has failed to contain them and you call in more and more enforcement from Delhi”.

“You have called in army for controlling even the streets, disbanding the public meetings and processions. Your forces don’t allow people to move around during the relaxation time. You have surpassed all the previous records and put the whole valley under siege of tight curfew for more than 46 days, offices are closed, roads and markets are deserted and your armed forces crush the movement with heavy hand. You have deployed your trustworthy killers and district executives to pressurize the people to break their will and zest for freedom. Millions of people are on streets, 72 people lost their lives, hundreds getting blinded, thousands of surgeries in hospitals in last 45 days, thousands injured and hundreds slapped with PSA,” Hurriyat Conference (g) said.

“Whole valley has come to stand still. Only an insane can call it a handiwork of a few miscreants? You along-with your Delhi mentors are in a denial mode and as Delhi people have turned deaf and dumb to the ground realities, you too toe the same line otherwise your own people even army officers appeal every section of people including resistance forum to come forward for peace. Writers of the international repute also caution Indian government that Kashmir is slipping away from you, but surprisingly you and your saffronised Ministers parrot the percentage drama,” the Hurriyat amalgam said.

It asked CM “if your 5% equation is to be believed then you better convey to your masters in Delhi that it is high time to hold referendum as 95% are with us, but you yourself know that it is a bluff and big joke”.

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