Delimitation: Locate Where You Are Placed In Jammu Kashmir’s New Legislative Map

SRINAGAR: The Delimitation Commission has published its proposals in the Government gazette.

It was constituted in pursuance of Section 8 of the Delimitation Act, 2002 (33 of 2002) read with Sections 14(4). 60(1) & 62 of the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Act. 2019 (34 of 2019) and having regard to all other relevant Constitutional and statutory provisions in this regard. It was mandated to determine the total number of seats to be allocated to the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir in the House of the People as Five (5) and 90 seats to be assigned to the Legislative Assembly of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. These included seven seats to be reserved for SC and nine for ST.

It published its proposals and is seeking objections or suggestions by or before March 21, 2022:




  1. Karnah: Karnah Tehsil and KralporaTehsil (Part) V Gundzonareshi and Panzgam PCs.
  2. Trehgam: Trehqam and Keran Tehsils, Kralpora Tehsil (Part) V Excludinq Gundzonareshi and Panzqam PCs and Kupwara Tehsils (Part)-3-Gulqam and 4-Awoora PCs.
  3. Kupwara: Kupwara Tehsil (Part) -V Excluding 3-Gulgam and 4-Awoora PCs.
  4. Lolab: Sogam (Lolab), Lalpora and Machil Tehsils.
  5. Handwara: Vilgam, Dragmulla, Zachaldara and Tarathpora (Ramhal) Tehsils and Handwara (Part) V Bakaiaker, Handwara, Shoghpora, Wadipora, Sirajapora and Badkote Machipora PCs.

6: Langate: Qaziabad (Kralgund), Langate and Qalamabad Tehsils and Handwara (Part) -V Excludinq Bakaiaker, Handwara. Shoqhpora, Wadipora, Sirajapora and Badkote Machipora PCs.

An aerial view of Baramulla. Pic: Baramulla News FB page


  1. Sopore: Sopore and Danqerpora Tehsils.
  2. Rohama Rafiabad: Zainger, Watergam, Rohama and Dongiwacha Tehsils.
  3. Uri: Uri and Boniyar Tehsils.
  4. Baramulla: Narvaw and Baramulla Tehsils.
  5. Tangmarg: Tangmarg. Waqoora. Kreeri and Khoie Tehsils.

12: Kunzer: Kwarhama and Kunzer Tehsils, Pattan Tehsil (Part) – 6-Wanigam Payeen, 7- Waniqam Bala, 8-V Tilqam and 9- Tapper Waripora PCs.

  1. Pattan: Singpora Tehsil and Pattan Tehsil (Part) V Excluding 6-Wanigam Payeen, 7- Wanigam Bala, 8 -V Tilgam and 9- Tapper Waripora PCs.


A group of fishermen is busy in Wullar lake in Bandipore district of north Kashmir. KL Image: Basit Jamal    
  1. Sonawari: Sonawari Tehsil, Sumbal Municipality 2 (Urban Local Body), Ajas Tehsil.
  2. Bandipora: Aloosa and Bandipora Tehsils and Bandipora Municipality 1 (Urban Local Body).
  3. Gurez (ST): Gurez and Tulail Tehsils.


A view of famous tourist resort Sonmarg in central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district on Tuesday, November 17, 2020. KL Image by Bilal Bahadur
  1. Kangan (ST): Kangan ana Gund Tehsils. Forest Block Kangani Gund and Lar Teshil (Part) -V Watlar PC.
  2. Ganderbal: Tulmulla (Kheer   Bhawani),   Wakoora   and   Ganderbal   Tehsils   and   Lar   Teshil (Part) -V Excludinq Watlar PC.


A photograph lifted from the official facebook page of the Kashmir Tourism Department shows the historic Jamia Masjid.    
  1. Hazratbal: North Srinagar Tehsil.
  2. Khanyar: Khanyar Tehsil (Part) – Excluding 9- S.R. Gunj and 10- Brari Nambal PCs.
  3. Habbakadal South: Srinagar Tehsil (Part)    Excluding   1-Sonwar,   2- Maisuma.  4-Shivpora, 5- Kursoo   Padshahi   Bagh,   9-Naursingh  Garh   and   10- Barzulla   PCs  and Khanyar Tehsil (Part), 9-S.R. Gunj and 10-Brari Nambal PCs.
  4. Sonwar: Pantha Chowk Tehsil  and   South  Srinagar  Tehsil    (Part)   V   1- Sonawar, 2- Maisuma, 4-  Shivpora,  5-Kursoo  Padshahi  Bagh,   9-Naursingh  Garh and 10- Barzulla PCs.
  5. Channapora: Channapora Tehsil.
  6. Zoonimar: Eidgah Tehsil  (Part)  -V   1-Buchpora,  2-Umerhair,  3-Zoonimar,  4- Owanta Bawan. 5-Baghat Shooru and 6-Anchar PCs.
  7. Eidgah: Eidgah Tehsil (Part)   -V  Excluding   1-Buchpora,   2-Umerhair,   3-Zoonimar, 4- Owanta Bawan, 5-Baqhat Shooru and 6- Anchar PCs.
  8. Central Shalteng: Central Shalteng Tehsil.


The shrine of Sheikh Nooruddin Noorani at Chrar-e-Sharief. The shrine was reconstructed after it was destroyed in a protracted stand-off between army and the militants in 1995 summer. KL Image: Bilal Bahadur        
  1. Budgam: Narbal Tehsil and Budgam Tehsil (Part) -V Excluding Ichkoot and Gudsathoo PCs.
  2. Beerwah: Magam and Beerwah Tehsils.
  3. Khansahib: Khaq and Khansahib Tehsils.
  4. Chrar-i-Sharief: Chrar-i-Sharief Tehsil and Chadoora Tehsil (Part) -V Excluding 2- Ropora Namtihal, 3-Wathoora, 4-Batapora, 5- Dawletpora,   6-Wadipora,   14- Hayatpora   PCs, Municipal Committee Chadoora.  Budgam Tehsil (Part) -V Ichkoot and Gudsathoo PCs.
  5. Chadoora: BK Pora Tehsil and Chadoora Tehsil (Part) -V 2- Ropora Namtihal, 3-Wathoora, 4-Batapora, 5- Dawletpora, 6- Wadipora,   14-Hayatpora   PCs  and  Municipal Committee Chadoora.


Kashmiris collect saffron flowers after plucking them at a saffron field in Pampore, South Kashmir, on Monday 01 November 2021. KL Image: Bilal Bahadur
  1. Pampore: Pampore and Kakapora  Tehsils.  Pampore   Municipality /Town  and  Khrew Municipality / Town.
  2. Tral: Tral and Aripal Tehsils,  Tral   Municipality/Town, Awantipora Tehsil   (Part) -V 1-Awantipora, 5-Noorpora and 6-Midoora PCs and Awantipora Municipality /Town.
  3. Pulwama: Pulwama Tehsil (Part)  -V   Excluding   2-Kangan.   5-Murran,   6-Mitrigam, 7-Karimabad, 11- Bunoora and 16-Wahibugh PCs, Pulwama Municipality /Town, Awantipora Tehsil (Part) V Excludinq 1-Awantipora, 5- Noorpora and 6- Midoora PCs.
  4. Rajpora: Litter Shahoora Tehsil, Rajpora Tehsil,   Pulwama Tehsil   (Part)  -V 2-Kangan, 5- Murran, 6- Mitrigam, 7- Karimabad, 11- Bunoora and 16- Wahibugh PCs.


Jamia Masjid Shopian           
  1. Zainapora: Zainapora, Chitragam,   Barbugh   Imamsahib and   Hermain Tehsils,  Shopian Tehsil (Part)   -V   Dangerpora,   Trenz,   Kilora   Malikgund,   Nadigam,   Ganowpora   Arsh, Danqam, Pratabpora and Bemnipora PCs.
  2. Shopian: Keller and Keegam Tehsil , Shopian Tehsil (Part) – Excluding V Dangerpora, Trenz, Kilora Malikgund,   Nadigam,   Ganowpora    Arsh,    Dangam,    Pratabpora    and Bemnipora PCs.


The Aharabal Waterfall, the source of the Veshaw and Toungri rivulets – the two main water bodies irrigating most of upper south Kashmir. Pic: Tourism department       
  1. D.H. Pora: D.H. Pora and Pahloo Tehsils.
  2. Kulgam: Kulgam and Yaripora Tehsils.
  3. Devsar: Qaimoh, Frisal and Devsar Tehsils.


People walk near the ruins of Martand Sun Temple in village Mattan of district Islamabad district in south Kashmir on Septemeber 19, 2018. KL image by Umar Khurshid    
  1. Dooru: Dooru and Shahabad Tehsils, Kokernag Tehsil  (Part)  -V Bahie,  Oie  Bumdoora, Aklngam, Sagam and Nagam PCs.
  2. Kokernag (ST): Lernoo Tehsil, Kokernag Tehsil (Part) -V Excluding Bahie. Oie Bumdoora, Akingam, Sagam and Nagam PCs and Shangus Tehsil (Part) -V Chaklipora. Chittergul and Uttarsoo PCs.
  3. Anantnag West: Qazigund Tehsil, Anantnag Tehsil (Part) iV C- Khanabai. E- Ruhoo, F- Urhanhali, G- L.G.  Pora,  H-  Khandipahari.  I-  KG.  Raina.  J-  Nipora.  K-  Hardu  Sichaen. M- Shaibabad and N- Imoh PCs.
  4. Anantnag: Anantnag Tehsil (Part) -V Excluding C-Khanabai, E-Ruhoo, F-Urhanhali, G- L.G. Pora, H- Khandipahari. I- KG Raina. J-Nipora, K-Hardu Sichaen, L- kamad. M-Shaibabad and N- Imoh PCs.
  5. Bijbehra: Bijbehra Teshil
  6. Shangus-Anantnag East: Anantnag East Tehsil, Shangus Tehsil (Part) -V Excluding Chaklipora, Chittergul and Uttarsoo PCs.
  7. Pahalgam: Pahalgam, Sallar and Srigufwara Tehsils.


An aerial view of Kishtwar        
  1. Inderwal: Bounjwah, Chhatroo, Marwah  and Warwan Tehsils,  Kishtwar  Tehsil  (Part)  -V Keshwan  PC,   Mughalmaidan  Tehsil   (Part)   |V   Excluding   Mulchiter   PC   and  Drabshalla Tehsil (Part) -V Balgran PC.
  2. Kishtwar: Dachhan Tehsil. Drabshalla   Tehsil   (Part) –  Excluding   Balgran   PC   and   Kishtwar Tehsil  (Part) -V Excluding Dool.  Pocchal and  Keshwan  PCs and Mughalmaidan Tehsil (Part) -V Mulchiter PC.
  3. Padder: Atholi, Nagseni and Machail Tehsils. Kishtwar Tehsil (Part) jVDool and Pocchal PCs.


Doda town, an aerial view
  1. Bhaderwah: Chiralla, Bhella and Bhalla Tehsils. Kahara Tehsil (Part) -V Jotira PC, Bhalesa Tehsil (Part) -V Excluding Chilly PC and Thathri Tehsil (Part) -V Excluding Janglawar Partially PC.
  2. Doda: Chilly Pingal, Gundna, Mohalla. Phigsoo and Bharath Bagla Tehsils, Doda Tehsil (Part) -V Doda. Arnorra. Dhar. Doda MC. Udhyanpur (Partially) and Dhara PCs, Thathn Tehsil (Part) -V Jangiawar Partially, Kahara Tehsil (Part) -V Excluding Joura PC and Bhalesa Tehsil (Part) -V Chilly PC.
  3. Doda West: Marmat, Assar, Kastigarh and Bhagwah Tehsils, Doda Tehsil (Part) -V Excluding Doda, Arnorra, Dhar, Doda MC, Udhyanpur (Partially) and Dhara PCs.


An aerial view of the Ramban located between the Jammu Srinagar highway and the Chenab river.
  1. Ramban: Batote and Rajgarh Tehsils Ukhral Tehsil (Part) -V Excluding Pogal PC, Ramban Tehsil (Part) -V Excluding Somber- Harog PC.
  2. Banihal: Banihal, Khari, Gool and Ramsoo Tehsil, Ukhral Tehsil (Part) -V Pogal PC, Ramban Tehsil (Part) -V Somber- Harog PC.


Railway Bridge Reasi
  1. Mahore (ST): Mahore and  Chassana Tehsils, Thuroo Tehsil (Part) – Excluding Kanthi PC.
  2. Reasi: Pouni, Thakrakole and Arnas Tehsils. Reasi Tehsil  (Part) –  Excluding  Bhabar Brahmana. Bhaga Kotli and Kotli Bajalian PCs and Thuroo Tehsil (Part) – Kanthi PC.
  3. Shri Mata vaishno Devi: Katra and Bhornag Tehsils, Reasi Tehsil (Part) – Bhabar Brahmana, Bhaga Kotli and Kotli Bajalian PCs.


Vaishno Devi Shrine Katra
  1. Udhampur West: Moungn and Panchari Tehsils, Udhampur Tehsil  (Part) – Sambal,  Banian, Jib, Rehmbal. Padanoo. Barolla, Hartarian. Muttal. Chak Rakhwalan. Mali. Bishal Jattan, Udhampur Municipal Council. Mansar. Krimchi, Tirshi, Debriah, Samundrani.  Chakher,  Stal  Jattan,  Kotli  Jijan,   Mangiote.  Tope.   Sangoor and Sansoo PCs.
  2. Udhampur East: Majalta Tehsil, Udhampur Tehsil (Part) – Excluding Sambal, Barrian. Jib, Rehmbal, Padanoo. Barolla, Hartarian, Muttal. Chak Rakhwalan. Mali. Bishal Jattan, Udhampur Municipal Council. Mansar. Krimchi. Trishi. Debriah, Samundrani, Chakher. Sial Jattan. Kotli Jijan. Mangiote, Tope, Sangoor, Sansoo, Bali, Manta, Ladha, Samroli, Chirdi. Jakhain, Ossu, Pakhlai. Omala and Laddan PCs and Ramnagar Tehsil (Part)- Kogarmarh PC.
  3. Chenani: Chenani Tehsil, Latti Tehsil (Part) – Pachound, Lalti and Sira PCs. Ramnagar Tehsil (Part) – Ghordi. Nallah Ghouran, Hartaryan. Dhandhal and Barmeen Pes and Udhampur Tehsil (Part) – Bali. Manta. Ladha, Samroli. Chirdi. Jakhain. Ossu. Pakhlai. Omala and _Laddan PCs.
  4. Ramnagar (SC): Basantgarh Tehsil. Ramnagar Tehsil (Part) – Excluding Ghordi.  Nallah Ghouran, Hartaryan, Dhandhal. Kogarmarh and Barmeen PCs.and Latti Tehsil (Part) – Excluding Pachound. Latti and Sira PCs.


  1. Bani: Bant and Lohai Malhar Tehsils.
  2. Billawar: Billawar and Ramkot Tehsils.
  3. Basohli: Basohli and Mahanpur Tehsils, KathuaTehsil (Part) – 2- Basantpur and 27- Thein PCs.
  4. Kathua North: Dinga Amb Tehsil, Kathua Tehsil (Part) – 1- Barwal, 3- Bhurthain, 4- Budhi, 5-Chak Sakta, 9- Forelain, 11- Hatli, 14-Juthana, 15- Kathera, 19- Logate, 21- Nanan, 22- Phalote, 26- Taraharah and 28- Tridwan PCs and Marheen Tehsil (Part) -1- Amala. 2- Balhar, 3- Bann. 4- Chhan Rorian, 5- Dhamal. 14- Hamirpur. 15- Jogial. 17- Kishanpur Kandi. 23- Muthi Hardo and 26- Seswan PCs.
  5. Kathua South (SC): Nagri Tehsil and Kathua Tehsil (Part) – Excluding 1- Barwal, 3- Bhurthain, 4- Budhi, 5- Chak Sakta, 9- Forelain, 11- Hatli. 14-Juthana, 15- Kathera. 19- Logate. 21- Nanan. 22- Phalote, 26-Taraharah, 28- Tndwan 2- Basantpur and 27- Thein PCs.

68: Hiranagar: Hiranagar and Marheen Tehsil (Part) – Excluding 1 – Amala, 2- Balhar, 3- Bann, 4- Chhan Rorian, 5- Dhamal, 14- Hamirpur, 15- Jogial, 17- Kishanpur Kandi, 23- Muthi Hardo and 26- Seswan PCs.


Baba Chamliyal shrine
  1. Ramgarh (SC): Ramgarh and Rajpura Tehsils and Samba (Part) Katli, Ramnagar and Pangdhor PCs.
  2. Samba: Ghagwal Tehsil, Samba Tehsil (Part) – Excluding Katli. Ramnagar and Pangdhor PCs and Viiaypur Tehsil (Part) – Daqore and Gurah Salathia PCs.
  3. Vijaypur: Ban Brahmna Tehsil and Vijaypur Tehsil (Part) – Excluding Dagore and Gurah Salathia PCs.


An unrelated century old picture of Mubarak Mandi Jammu.         
  1. Bishnah (SC): Bishnah and Amia Tehsils, R.S. Pura Tehsil (Part) – Marallan PC.
  2. Suchetgarh (SC): Suchetgarh Tehsil, R.S. Pura Tehsil (Part) – Excluding Maralian, Darsopur. R.S. Pura Khas and Kotli Shah Doula PCs. MC R.S. Pura.

74: R.S Pura-Jammu south: Jammu South Tehsil (Part) – Gadigarh, Satwari, Hakkal Partly, Khandwal Partly and Digiana PCs, Jammu Municipal Corporation (Part) – Ward no. 22. 23. 55. 56. 57. 58 and 73, Bahu (Part) – Chowadi PC, Ward no. 68, 69 &70 and R.S.   Pura Tehsil (Part) – Darsopur, R.S. Pura Khas and Kotli Shah Doula PCs. MC R.S. Pura.

  1. Bahu: Bahu Tehsil (Part) – Bahu. Sunjwan and Bahu Partly PCs including JMC Ward no. 20. 21. 42, 43.44. 47.48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54 & 74 and Jammu South Tehsil (Part) -Ward no. 45 & 46, Jammu Cantt.
  2. Jammu East: Jammu Tehsil (Part) – Bain Bajal and Aitham PCs, Nagrota Tehsil (Part) – Jagti PC and Jammu MC (Part) – Ward No.,8.9. 10, 11.14,15. 16,17.18.19 & 71.
  3. Bhalwal-Nagrota: Dansal Tehsil, Bhalwal Tehsil (Part) – Excluding Bhalwal Partially PC and Kote PC, Nagrota Tehsil (Part) – Excluding Jagti PC Jammu Tehsil (Part) – Surinsar, Sagoon and Pounthal PCs.
  4. Jammu West: Jammu Municipal Corp. (Part) – Ward No.-12,13 . 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29. 30, 31. 32. 33. 39. 40 & 41 and Jammu West (Part) – Mandal (Partly) and Gole PCs.
  5. Jammu North: Jammu North Tehsil including JMC Ward No. 37. 38. 59 to 67 Jammu (Part) – Ward no. 34 to 36 and Bhalwal Tehsil (Part) – Bhalwal Partially and Kote PCs.
  6. Marh (SC): Mandal Tehsil. Marh Tehsil including JMC Ward No. – 72 & 75. Jammu West Tehsil(Part) – Badhrore PC.
  7. Akhnoor (SC): Akhnoor, Pargwal and Jourian Tehsils.
  8. Khour: Khour, Kharah Bald. Maira Mandrian and Chowki Choura Tehsils.


An aerial view of Rajouri town, a major trade centre in Pir Panchal valley. Pic: Internet       
  1. Kalakote/Sunderbani: Sunderbani. Kalakpte. Taryath and Siot Tehsils
  2. Nowshera: Qila Darhal. Beri Pattan and Nowshera Tehsils
  3. Rajouri (ST): Rajouri Tehsil (Part) – Excluding 11- Sohna PC.
  4. Darhal (ST): Darhal, Koteranka and Khawas Tehsils
  5. Thana Mandi (ST): Thana Mandi and Mamakote Tehsils. Rajouri Tehsil (Part) -11- Sohna PC.


Jamia Masjid Surankote Poonch Pic: Social Media  
  1. Suran Kote (ST): Suran Kote Tehsil, Haveli Tehsil (Part) – Khaneter, Seri Khawaja and Seindhara PCs.
  2. Poonch Haveli: Mandi Tehsil,  Haveli  Tehsil  (Part)  –   Excluding  Khaneter,   Sen  Khawaja  and Seindhara PCs.
  3. Mendhar (ST): Balakote, Mankote and Mendhar Tehsils

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