Desperate for a byte, Delhi journo ‘intrudes’ into Malik’s bedroom; He reacts


Jammu and Kashmir Liberation front chairperson Muhammad Yasin Malik Friday said he would retire from politics if the Aaj Tak Journalist proves that she had attempted to seek appointment from him for an interview.

“I did not even receive a missed call from the journalist let alone a formal permission for the appointment,” an angry Malik.

He was addressing a press conference at JKLF office in connection with the allegation of assault on a female journalist of a Delhi based private news Channel.

Malik admitted to having snatched the mobile phone from the journalist who visited Yasin Malik’s Maisuma home in the wee hours on Friday possibly for a sting operation.

Malik said that the lady journalist who identified herself as Kamaljit Sandhu from Aaj Tak news channel “entered in my bed room while I was asleep without my permission and straight away started questioning me.”

“I saw a mobile phone in her hand and I thought she was video-graphing the scenes and I snatched it from her hand,” Malik added.

Malik also said that he has filed a police complaint against the journalist.

Taking a dig at entire Indian media Malik said that they are rescuing the Indian state and Indian Army by doing cover-ups in their favour.

He said that instead of doing stories on pellet victims and torture inside police station they are demonizing the struggle of Kashmiris by saying everyone is paid.

“The Indian media says Kashmiri boys come out on streets and get killed for mere six hundred bucks,” Malik continued, “by giving such logic it shows that India and journalistic community is suffering from intellectual bankruptcy at a time when they are eyeing to becoming a global economic power.”

Talking about the recent sting operations against some Hurriyat leaders, Malik said he is not in a position to talk on their behalf. “They can explain and give their version on their own.”

“In February a man approached me who introduced himself as Muzaffar from Baramulla and told me that he would give me Crores of rupees for victims of 2016 uprising,” Malik revealed. “He told me that the money has come from Indian industrialists,” I grew suspicious and asked him why would they give you money.” He said, adding that Indian media and state agencies are using different methods to malign the movement.

He said Indian media has a habit of cooking up stories about the families and Children of pro-freedom leaders which most of the time are baseless to demonise the Kashmir’s freedom struggle.

He said he sees serving the freedom movement as worship. “I am part of this struggle for past 35 years.”




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