Discussion starts on VK Singh revelations

KL Report


Discussion on the revelations made by former army chief retired General VK Singh started in the legislative assembly Monday afternoon.

Initiating the discussion PDP President Mehbooba Mufti said that it is a matter of serious concern because the credibility of the house is at stake.

Mehbooba wanted house to get out of what she called “Zalalat”.

She said, “Once Nehru had said that we will tie Jammu and Kashmir by golden chains, we are seeing only chains.”

Mehbooba naming agriculture minister Ghulam Hassan Mir said, “The report of the defence ministry which got leaked has alleged Mr Mir of taking huge sum.”

“In July 1997, IK Gujral came to Kashmir and announced unconditional talks with militants. We all welcomed the announcement but the then chief minister on the other day denounced the PMs Statement and threatened if talks are held with militants he will resign,” Mehbooba said.

“PM was pressurized as much that he backtracked his earlier statement,” Mehbooba said.

“VK Singh’s revelation provides all of us an opportunity to correct us,” Mehbooba said adding “Delhi knows our pulse and they suspect us all.”

“Delhi thinks that Kashmiris are power angry and it was proved by 1975 accord,” Mehbooba alleged.


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