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Senior National Conference leader and MLA  Hazratbal Dr Sheikh Mustafa Kamal Monday, suggested Ghulam Hassan Mir to resign. Terming him (Mir) Jafar and Sadiq, Kamal said, “Mir is playing the role of Jafar and Sadiq.”

Dr Kamal said he (Mir) should leave his position till he is proved innocent. This, he said, is despite the fact that Mir has denied the role that a defence committee has attributed to him – the job to topple Omar Abdullah government.

He also alleged PDP of playing the role of Jafar and Sadiq.

He said, “PDP is the creation of the times when PDP people were hiding in army camps and VK Singh was in charge of Victor force in Awantipora at that time.”

Kamal said “Mir was chosen to topple the government now, but many people were chosen in past also to work against National Conference governments.”

Kamal said that New Delhi is responsible for making Pakistan a party to the Kashmir issue.


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