Disinfect Schools To Prevent Children From Infections: DAK     

KL Report


President Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) Dr Nisar ul Hassan Saturday said that there is a serious threat of life threatening infections in flood affected schools as flood waters contains deadly disease causing bugs.

DAK President in a statement issued to GNS said that the contaminated flood hit schools make school children vulnerable to bacterial and mold (fungal) infections.

The visible fungus in some flood hit schools make them unsafe to children as molds can cause allergies, Asthma episodes, Rhinitis, skin infections, severe respiratory and fatal central nervous system infections.

The improper decontamination of school buildings will put school children at risk of deadly infections.

Schools have to be disinfected as per Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) infection remediation guidelines.

Porous material like carpeting, upholstered furniture, most paper products,   baby toys, insulation etc have to be removed and discarded.

Non porous material like floor, walls, metal, glass, plastic  have to be disinfected with disinfectants like bleach followed by air drying and HEPA vacuum.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning system has to be disinfected by special decontamination with hydrogen peroxide which kills spores, otherwise resistant to usual disinfectants.

Flood hit schools should have safety health certificate from authorized body before reopening them for children. (GNS)



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