Domicile certificates to WPRs: Stop justifying ‘notorious’ moves of New Delhi, Rasheed to CM Mehbooba

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Incumbent MLA Langate, Er Rasheed has termed granting domicile certificates to west Pakistani refugees as “unacceptable”

Asking CM Mehbooba to break ties with BJP and step down without “befooling” the people further, Rasheed while addressing a public gathering at Chek Sarmarg Handwara said, “The move to grant domicile certificates to lacs of WP refugees is a calculated move to change the demography of the state.”

Rasheed in a statement issued here said that government of India is doing exactly the same what Israelis did in Palestine. “The move is a desperate attempt to change the Muslim character of the state”.

He said, “All the nationalist forces, cutting across party lines and political affiliations need to read the writing on the wall and fight the colonial designs of New Delhi, which is hell bent to change the statics at all levels in the disputed territory”.

Rasheed accused CM Mehbooba of “bulldozing the rights of majority community” and breaking all the previous records of “traitors” since 1947.

“Mehbooba should stop justifying every notorious move of New Delhi and must understand that Kashmiris hold her directly responsible for all these notorious infiltrations in the identity and sovereignty of state. Let Mehbooba confess that if granting domicile certificates to WP refugees is one of the steps to fulfill her promise of resolving Kashmir dispute during her tenure”.

He appealed CM Mehbooba to show some level of respect and responsibility towards the rights of people of state and breakup her ties with BJP at an earliest.


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