Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Tuesday lashed out at the opposition National Conference for playing politics over the civilian death of a youth in Kulgam. Party General Secretary Rafi Ahmad Mir accused the National Conference of deriving sadistic pleasure by indulging into political tactics at such condemnable and inhumane incidents.

Reacting to NC’s statement, the General Secretary said, “PDP shares the pain and grief with the family of the deceased youth, such killings are a roadblock in the peace process and erode the trust of the people in the democratic institutions.”

Mir said that words were not enough to express the angst that the PDP and its leadership hold on such innocent Killings; time and again our party has strongly stood against such acts.

Rafi Mir said that Mufti Muhammad Sayeed has a dream of peace and prosperity in J&K and shares the feelings of generations of people living in the state in constant state of suffering, destruction and loss of life.

Mir also added that National Conference should desist from such cynical and perfidious approach towards the sentiments of the people which is equal to rubbing salts on their wounds. (CNS)


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