Feroz-Ud-Din of Uri Dies at 144

KL Report


Feroz-Ud-Din, who claimed to be world’s oldest man last year, died in the intervening night of Thursday and Friday at about 2 in the morning.

He was 144.Feroz-ud-Din-Mir,-142-(1)

Reports said that Father of 10, Feroz had five wives, the fifth one 60 years younger than his age.

Feroz was laid to rest at his native village Bejihama early Friday morning at around 8.

Pertinently, last year when Kashmir Life had reported about Feroz-Ud-Din, UK based Mail On line had said that Guinness World Records  is investigating the claim and if it was true he would have been the world’s oldest surviving man.

To substantiate his claim, Feroz had showed a government-issued birth certificate which shows his date of  birth as March 10, 1872.



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