Five Shops Damaged In Overnight Blaze

SRINAGAR: At least five shops were gutted in an inferno which broke out late Saturday evening in main market Fatehgarh in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district even as efforts by the Army and firefighters minimised damages.

As per an Army spokesman, the fire broke at around 11:10 PM last night and soon engulfed the nearby shops dealing with woodwork even as some trees nearby also caught up the flames thereby extending the conflagration zone in the market.

According to news agency GNS, at least five shops were gutted in the flames.

Quoting Fire and Emergency Services Department official news agency GNS reported that the affected site is at a distance of nearly km from the nearest station, which according to him, took them some time to reach to the spot.

As per the Army spokesman, local volunteers from the village tried to control the blaze but failed to contain followed by which help was sought from Indian Army.

Responding to the break of fire, two teams of army including one Quick Reaction Team rushed immediately to the site with fire fighting equipments, the spokesman said.

“Army troops without caring for their own safety, quickly formed a human chain from the water point to the incident site. The fire was contained and not allowed to spread to adjacent Shops, houses and trees”.

Later, local police and firefighters also swung into action and doused the flames at 01:15 AM.


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