Follow Morning Transmission Of Radio Kashmir Sgr For Haj Flights Timing

KL Report


The schedule of arrival of Haj flights, as conveyed by Air India/Haj Committee of India (HCoI), has been publicized a few days ago. However, it has been observed that due to some technical issues at Jeddah airport, the flights are getting delayed. This, besides causing difficulties to the pilgrims, results in inconvenience to their relatives who go to the airport to receive the Hujaje Kiram.

According to a statement issued to KNS In order to address the issue, the State Haj Committee in coordination with Air India is trying to confirm the actual departure status of the flights from Jeddah airport and convey the Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) at Srinagar airport through Radio Kashmir, Srinagar in the morning hours.

All concerned are requested to follow the morning transmission of Radio Kashmir, Srinagar for flight timings. It is also suggested that the relatives may ask the pilgrims, coming back home, to make a call or send an SMS once the boarding at Jeddah airport is complete and accordingly calculate the expected time of arrival at Srinagar airport by adding 7 hours of flight time. This will help to minimize their waiting time at the airport.

In the meanwhile, the State Haj Committee has taken up the matter with the Consulate  General of India, Jeddah, Haj Committee of India and Air India to ensure that the flights are operated as per schedule and waiting time of Hujaje Kiram at Jeddah airport is minimized as far as possible.


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