Former Revenue Minister Smells Some ‘Reason’ Behind ‘Raked Up’ Pandit Return

KL Report


Hakim Yaseen

While stating that Kashmiri Pandits who want to return to the Valley must be settled in their respective areas, Peoples Democratic Front president and MLA Khansahib Hakim Mohammad Yasin Monday said that some people were playing politics over the issue at a time when Kashmir is trying to come out of the effects of last year’s devastating floods.

“While the reality is that most of the Pandits don’t want to return back to the Valley, we are at loss to understand why this issue has been raked up at a time when tourism season has just begun in Kashmir? There is some reason behind it. We smell that the issue has been raked up to destabilise the economy of Kashmir,” Hakim Yasin said in a statement to press.

He said that instead of making hue and cry over the issue, there is a need to finalise the modalities and see how many migrant Pandits want to return back.

“Every party is trying to make an issue out of it. Those people who want to return should be settled in their respective areas instead of creating separate towns,” the MLA Khansahib said.

“When I was Revenue Minister we had done an exercise for bringing back KPs, but in reality a few came forward. The fact is that most of the KPs don’t want to return but politics is being played on their return. Most of the Pandits particularly in rural areas have their land intact and government should assist them in constructing houses there,” he said and added Kashmiri Muslims have always been for honourable and dignified return of Pandit brethren but setting up ghettos is not a viable option.


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