Geelani Hands Over ‘Movement’ To Youth


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To counter continuous house arrest, senior separatist leader and chairman Hurriyat (G) Syed Ali Geelani Saturday evening addressed people through internet.

This was first time that ailing leader entered into virtual world and spread his message across the masses.

In his over thirteen minute speech, the major part of his speech was addressed to youth in particular.

He appealed the youth to come forward and take the reins of the movement in their hands. Geelani also appealed local police to desist from, ‘repression.’

He said, “I with humble request demand from them that they with all their passion, aspiration, determination and commitment should come forward and carry ongoing movement forward.”

“I fell speechless and short of words when I observe that our own men have subjected their countrymen with worst type of repression, Geelani said while referring to state police.

“It is shameful and we can only deplore their acts as there are no other words except to feel sorrow for their immoral and heartless acts,” he added.

Advising the local police to dissociate from the system of ‘atrocities’he said, “I feel my duty to remind them that they belong to this land and nation and they must regard to my whole hearted advice and suggestion and disassociate from the system which has subjected the people with worst type of subjugation.”

While talking about the hanging of Muhammad Afzal Guru, the ailing leader said the new spirit has been infused in the movement.

“The assassination of Mohamad Afzal Guroo in Tihar jail has infused a new sprit and rejuvenated the freedom movement in state of Jammu and Kashmir.”

While appreciating people the way they responded, Geelani said that it demands that movement should go ahead with determination, discipline and order.

“The nation stood up and vowed to fight the repressive measures with determination and reaffirmed their faith to fight for their birth right. It is highly encouraging and worth praising and demands that movement needs to go ahead with full determination with discipline and order, “ he said.

Geelani while referring to focus of international community said that the hanging of Afzal has brought Kashmir again under focus, “after the assassination of Shaheed Guroo in a secret and brutal manner, the international community and forums have once again concentrated over the long pending issue.”

Geelani cautioned people about the various tactics adopted by India to crush the sentiment, “We should not under estimate the foul plays the India and its agencies are playing .They are hell bent to destroy the movement and with this aim they even may provoke us to take measures which may damage the whole freedom process.”
Whatever the step he said should be  in accordance to peoples wishes and aspirations.

Regarding the way forward, Geelani said that the movement has to be sustained.

“We have to assess the situation and take in to consideration that movement has to be sustained and any measure in hasty manner may damage beyond imagination.”

Reassuring people that there aspirations would be attended, Geelani said, “the people should not feel that they are being ignored or their aspirations not attended and similarly we need to avoid such measures which in turn may prove detrimental for ongoing freedom movement.”

Accusing India of unleashing the reign of terror, Geelani said, “India with all its military might has turned arrogant and a colonial symbol in world .With all its deceptive and Macavelian type of politics and other deceptive steps India is trying to sabotage the movement .I appeal to all and one to reaffirm their faith with the ongoing freedom movement and exhibit your steadfastness, dedication and commitment .”

“History stands testimony that no power on earth can suppress the nation’s aspirations for long as long as there exists determination and will to stand against all odds. It is not power but the determination that decides the destiny of a nation,” he said.

Reiterating that  the goal would be achieved, the ailing leader concluded his message by saying,”be sure we would achieve our birth right as long as we exhibit our faith in righteous path we have opted, Insha Allah.”


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