Geelani, Malik Reiterate Poll Boycott call for Islamabad



While appealing for complete boycott of the upcoming by-elections of the Islamabad assembly seat, Hurriyat Conference (g) chief Syed Ali Geelani and JKLF chief Mohammad Yasin Malik Monday in a joint press statement said that about 6 hundred martyr’s graveyards have come up during the “freedom struggle of Kashmir and casting of votes will be an act of treason with the blood of martyrs and will amount to a sell out”.

“The pro-Indian parties although ask votes against the basic facilities for the people like electricity, water, roads etc but India project this vote as a justification for its forced occupation on the international forums and gets a chance to misled the world community,” the statement said.

In a Monday’s joint statement issued to KNS, the pro-freedom leaders said, “in a small region like Jammu & Kashmir, India have deployed its 10 lakh armed forces. There are more than a thousand armed forces camps located in the civil locations and every lane, by lane, every Chowk is always occupied by these heavily armed personals.”

“The entire state is presenting a look of an army camp. Both the leaders said that although the election in this situation can’t be called any democratic practice and it is like a military exercise but India gets an exploitation tool and misuses it on the international levels,” the statement said.

Syed Ali Geelani and Yasin Malik jointly appealed people to understand the wicked games of India and stay away from any such process. People should know that how and how much these votes damage our freedom struggle. This action is an insult to our martyrs who sacrifice their precious lives for our better future.

According to the statement, “casting of votes in the present situation is haram (prohibited action Islam) because nobody of these people who ask for votes are trustworthy or honest. These are the people who supervise the alcohol and drugs trade and are responsible for other immoral practices in the state and are justifying the Indian forced occupation in Jammu & Kashmir.”

Geelani explained that the “pro-Indian parties who are taking part in the elections are one and same and none of them is a lesser evil. Whether it is NC, PDP, PC, state Congress or any other party these all are the agents of India in Kashmir and they will every time side with their masters”.


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