Get above rhetoric

Zamir  Ahmad
“I am writing these words with great pain and suppressed rage.” wrote the American-Jewish filmmaker Udi Aloni while condemning Israel for its latest act of belligerence and brutality. Udi Aloni is the same filmmaker who had made a documentary on Kashmir, Kashmir the film, which the authorities did not allow to be screened in India. His rage was justified because he saw the attack of Israeli Commandos on the aid ships as a loss of composure for Israel. “ At this time”, writes Udi, “ the humanists can but wonder, with terror in their eyes: How is it possible that the more the Palestinian struggle shifts to non-violent means, the more Israel loses its composure and shifts to acts of terrorism, illegal imprisonments and abductions of peace activists in the dead of night?”
The pre-dawn attack on the ships that were carrying peace activists from all over the world though did draw condemnation from across the world. But it stopped at there only. America, the self proclaimed holder of liberty and human rights on this planet just asked for an investigation into the incident as if it needed one. The muted reaction from the Muslim nations was a caricature of the sentiment of outrage. The statement from the highest world body, the United Nations Organisation, was guarded, carefully worded and out rightly weak.
Reflecting upon what happened on that black day and the reactions to the incident thereafter; one is but forced to draw parallels between the Palestinian struggle and the resistance movement in Kashmir. The whole rhetoric of the resistance leadership revolves around “Aalmi Rai Aamah”, “Aqwami Muttahida” and “Bainul Aqwaami Idaarey”. Whenever a human rights violation takes place, the leaders face towards the obscure world bodies and ask them to get up and take notice. The most misused and misplaced instrument of resistance, the general strikes, are made out to be as the SOS calls at the doors of keepers of international conscience. The photo-ops of the dozen-by-the-dime leadership with the low-rung officials of embassies of European nations are made out to be gala events of reaching out to the ‘International Community’. International Community: Who, if I may ask? UNO: What does that mean? And with due respect to the sexagenarian symbol of resistance one may ask the same question about the UN Resolutions: what are you talking about grand man? Resistance does not work around obscure and lofty ideals of global institutions coming to the rescue of hapless oppressed nations. It never did. Neither for Vietnam nor for Afghanistan. And it will never work. Neither for Palestine and not certainly for Kashmir.
The security apparatus deployed in our state has been blatantly violating the human rights without any reprieve. The latest incidents of ‘Kill-for-promotions’  have provided a new aspect to the impunity of the work of the forces. Their immunity as well. It is time for serious rethinking on part of political parties across the spectrum. Hartals have provided no salvation. The recklessness of the security forces has become unstoppable and the claims of zero tolerance seem to be a farce. Whileas the opposition political party is trying to carve its own niche by crying for revocation of draconian laws, the ruling elite is only trying to score some populist brownies by claiming that it was their predecessor who brought the AFSPA to J&K. At the end of the day no serious movement at checking the unbridled powers of the security forces is aimed at. The resistance leadership is as confused as it is divided. It is a reactionary rag tag of one man parties for whom rhetoric is more important than action. 


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