Get over appetite for photo-ops, behave like responsible public representatives: NC to ministers

KL Report


National Conference Sunday lashed out at the State Government for showing apathy and lack of seriousness in monitoring the alarming situation that has developed in the State due to the incessant rains that have inundated various areas of the Valley especially Srinagar.

In a statement NC spokesman said this lack of seriousness was dangerous and the government should immediately mobilize the Flood and Control Department and take all necessary preventive measures.

“This lack of seriousness has become a trademark of the Mufti Sayeed Government. While their arrogance in the Legislative Assembly has become evident and their contempt for democracy apparent, the insensitivity of this Government towards the flood victims is now dovetailing into the Government’s absence from the ground at an alarming juncture where water is flowing near the danger mark at various places,” he alleged.

The NC spokesman claimed State administration was found napping despite early forecasts from the meteorology department predicting incessant rains that could lead to flooding. “Even in press briefings, the Ministers are clueless while dispensing half information and concealing the other half. Their advisories are vague and the people have absolutely no idea what the situation is evolving into. The PDP-BJP Ministers should now get over their appetite for photo-ops and actually behave like responsible public representatives who are expected to deal with such situations,” he said.



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