Government Considering Incentivizing Heritage Arts, Mehbooba

CM Ms Mehbooba Mufti

CM Ms Mehbooba Mufti



Provisions in the new industrial policy created an interesting situation in the House of Elders on Thursday when Chief Minister Ms Mehbooba Mufti was helping the BJP minister understand the question and respond. Initially it was Industry Minister C P Ganga who responded but nobody was satisfied. Then, the Deputy Chief Minister Dr Nirmal Singh responded. Even he left the house dissatisfied. Eventually, the Chief Minister responded top the issues personally assuring the house that the New Industrial Policy does not confront the provisions of Article 370.

Anger was dominating the House when the Chairman asked for start of question hour.  NC and Congress lawmakers were seeking a resolution against a Hindu Sadhvi seeking a Muslim free India. Though NC walked out in protest as the Chair refused a resolution, Congress’s Ghulam Nabi Monga insisted that though he should have walked out in protest but the question being taken up is very important. He wanted to know the ratio of non state subjects in the new industrial policy. As he was responded, nobody felt satisfied. Then Deputy Chief Minister responded.

Eventually it was Chief Minister herself who responded detailing the measures the government was considering to improve the overall industrial situation. She said Prime Minister, who she recently met in Delhi, was dissatisfied with J&K’s outcome on skill issues.

Asserting that the was no effort that the New Industrial Policy will impact or confront the provisions of Article 370, Ms Mufti, however, detailed new measures that are in pipeline. She said that some of the heritage arts like Shawl, paper machie and Basholi Paintings will be incentivized so that people do not leave these sectors. She said that the government may have to invest to ensure marketing facility for all these heritage arts which are facing severe pressure.

On Article 370, Ms Mufti said that there was no possibility for this house to compromise the empowering Article 370. “It is our strength and it is our honour,” Ms Mufti said, “We enter this house by swearing by this law so why should anybody try to neutralize it.” She said Article 370 is empowering for all irrespective of the party grouping.

Ms Mufti said that private sector is being involved in improving the skill situation. While NHPC has already set up a training institution to help aspirants pick up the trades required by the energy market, Ms Mufti said that the cell phone operators should chip in and adopt some ITI’s and train boys and girls in assembling and repairs of the cell phones.

The government informed the house that in last five years the earlier industrial policy has attracted investment in 4804 MSME units in the state which has led to the employment generation of 34691 people. Besides, 53551 jobs were created in the same period  under PMEGP.



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