Government Prefers Chess over Football in Kashmir


Ubeer Naqushbandi

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Game of Chess

In order to develop sports infrastructure and encourage sports activities among youth, the Jammu and Kashmir government has spent amount of Rs 15 Cr in last fiscal year.

This was stated in Legislative assembly by Minister for Youth Services and Sports, Imran Raza Ansari.

According to Youth Services and Sports Department, it annually conducts Sports activities in the age groups of U-14, 17 and 19 years for boys and girls under School Games Federation of India and Rajiv Gandhi Khel Abhiyan.

In the previous Budget, allocation of Rs 1571.552 lakh was made to the Department.

The expenditures for the Department include Rs 52.31 lakh on hoisting of “National Games”, Rs 85.75 lakh for Development of State Contingent and awarding of scholarship and Rs 59.94 lakh on conducting various levels of subordinate activities.

Meanwhile, the data released by the government shows that the game of Chess has surpassed the yesteryears popular football in J&K, at least in terms of finances spent by State Government in last fiscal.

The Budget presented by State’s Finance Minister on May 30, 2016 stated that Rs 33, 09,656 has been spent on Chess as against Rs 28, 21,578 on football during 2015-16.


The indoor game Chess has made a whooping jump from Rs 1,50,000 in 2014-15 fiscal whereas football’s expenditure has been kicked from Rs 36,30,000 in 2014-15 fiscal to  Rs 28,21,578  in last fiscal.

The other games that fall in the list after football are Hockey on which Rs 25, 88,304 has been spent. The Hockey has seen huge surge from Rs 3, 25,700 spent in 2014-15.

The other games in the top five fund expenditures in list include Thang Ta and Volleyball on which Rs 13, 57,496 and Rs 11, 09,602 have been spent in last fiscal, respectively. The funds spent on Thang Ta and Volleyball in 2014-15 includes Rs 8, 79,125 and Rs 1, 60,000.

The bottom in the list falls Squash on which Rs 48,020 have been spent in last fiscal. The Squash game has seen slight surge in expenditure from Rs 42,000 in 2014-15 fiscal.


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