Governor chairs meeting of the State Administrative Council


GOVERNOR CHAIRING MEETING OF THE STATE ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL-7Governor N N Vohra Sunday held a meeting of the State Administrative Council at Raj Bhavan. This was the first meeting of the Council after its constitution on 4th February, 2016. The meeting was attended by Parvez Dewan and Khurshid Ahmed Ganai, Advisors to Governor; B.R. Sharma, Chief Secretary; and B.B. Vyas, Financial Commissioner, Planning and Development department.

The Governor stressed the need to ensure punctuality and discipline in attending offices by governmental functionaries, irrespective of their levels, and proper functioning of all institutions, including schools, colleges, hospitals, ration shops etc. High priority must be given to ensuring that offices and institutions which are concerned with the delivery of public services run honestly and efficiently.  After discussion, it was decided that all the government offices shall have Aadhaar based Biometric Attendance System in position by 31st March, 2016. It was also decided that the heads of offices shall ensure maintenance of proper cleanliness and sanitation within and around all government institutions and offices.

The Governor directed that technology should be fully leveraged to extend all possible benefits to the people in general and it was decided that the Aadhaar enrolment programme shall be completed in all respects by 31st March, 2016.

The Administrative Council decided that all the Administrative Secretaries shall personally monitor the implementation of all State Plan and Centrally Sponsored Schemes, with a special focus on the Flagship Schemes of the Government of India. Keeping in view the ensuing closure of the financial year, the Secretaries will ensure timely utilization of funds available under various schemes and all ensure that utilization certificates are timely forwarded to the concerned Central authorities. This will facilitate timely release of Central Scheme funding in the next financial year. The Secretaries and Heads of Departments shall also undertake physical and financial monitoring of various programmes and the works which are being implemented on ground.

The Governor directed that the established practice of touring, particularly in the remote areas and inspections of subordinate offices should be rigorously enforced and the institution of Additional District Development Commissioners posted in all the districts, shall be effectively utilized for monitoring developmental works. The Governor directed that monitoring and concurrent evaluation of developmental works particularly in the closing months of the financial year should be closely watched, including 3rdparty evaluation.

The Administrative Council also decided that a structured framework should be devised to recognize merit and good work for suitably rewarding functionaries at all levels of governance. The Governor directed that the good officers/ officials, particularly at the cutting age level, should be identified and groomed to hold higher responsibilities by enabling them to undergo relevant training programmes, within and outside the country.

Emphasising special focus on the timely redressal of public grievances, the Council decided that at least one hour, preferably in the afternoon, will be devoted by all Administrative Secretaries, Heads of Departments and Heads of Offices for hearing public grievances and ensuring timely redressal.

The Administrative Council decided that the two Advisors and the Chief Secretary will identify all priority issues which are pending for decision and bring them before the future meetings of the Council. The Governor stressed on the Advisors, Chief Secretary and Financial Commissioner Planning to advise all the Administrative Secretaries to pay personal attention to various issues requiring policy decisions and ensure timely processing of the same for approval under Schedules Two and Three of the J&K Government Business Rules, including those which would subsequently require approval of the State Legislature. Special emphasis will be laid on the timely finalization of SRO 43 cases and, side by side, the basis of the Policy underlying this order shall be reviewed to identify if any other or supplementary approaches can be followed to meet the objective of compassionate support in all such cases.

The Council directed that all necessary measures shall be timely finalized for the conduct of elections to the Local Bodies and Panchayats. It was also decided systematic attention shall be given to ensure the proper maintenance of official records and their time bound listing and digitalization. Special focus on Solid Waste Management and garbage disposal, finalization of Policy and Action Plan for Road Safety, development of nurseries within the State for the development of high density apple plantations were also listed for priority attention.

The Governor laid special emphasis on timely dissemination and issuance of early warning being made available by SASE and IMD to people in regard to any extreme weather events like heavy snows, rain falls and avalanches. The Governor directed that Divisional Commissioners, IGPs, all Deputy Commissioners and Superintendents of Police should remain alert and fully prepared to meet any emerging disaster situations.


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