Grand Mufti Concerned Over Death Of 2600 Pashmina, Shahtosh Yielding Goats

KL Report


‘Grand Mufti’ of Kashmir, Mufti Bashiruddin today expressed deep concerned over death of more than 2600 pashmina and shahtoosh yielding goats in ladakh reportedly due to neglect and starvation caused by loss of business value.

“Earlier the business, men of this trade used to attend and take care of the goats, but after the imposition of ban on this trade, no one is allowed to take care of the aforementioned animals resulting in death of more than 2600 such Goats due to starvation”, Grand Mufti said in a statement here.

While appreciating the efforts of the Idaara Insaaf Headed by Farooq Renzoo Shah in projecting the deaths of Goats boldly, Mufti Azam of J&K State also expressed his serious concern over the silence of the social and environmental organization Headed by Menika Gandhi on this issue.

“Mufti Azam would like to know that when Menika Gandhi takes care on un-natural deaths of Dogs, though hazard to the Human, why she has shown silence over the deaths of Goats due to starvation”, the statement said.

As pointed out by the Idaara Insaaf J&K and carried out by the Press thereafter on 21st instant that more than 2600 Pashmina and Shahtosh yielding goats have allegedly died due to starvation in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir State.

Mufti Azam J&K State, while appreciating the efforts of the Idara Insaaf in highlighting and raising voice against all such in human acts has demanded for a through probe into the cause of these animals.

It is to recall that Pashmina and Shahtosh trade has been one of the largest profit yielding and pious trades of J&K State and the wool of the said goats is the only raw material for the afore-mentioned trade. “But due to disinformation campaign and fake propaganda carried out by a social and environmental organization headed by Menika Gandhi that Kasmiris are bear eaters and killing Goats, which has resulted in the trade of Pashmina and Shahtosh has been banned, besides diminishing the image of Kashmir’s before the world”, the statement added.


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