Habibullah Shair

A well known media professional of the state—Habibullah Shair, 80, passed away Tuesday after battling a prolonged illness at SKIMS, Soura. The deceased was living in Zakoora area of Srinagar.

People from all walks of life including media and academics have expressed grief on the demise of Shair. His colleagues and co-workers remember him as a gentle and committed man.

Habibullah was the father of the former director doordarshan Srinagar—Shami Shair. Throughout his media career, he served the government on important posts and was known for his administrative skills and outstanding contribution to the field of media in general and electronic media in particular.

He worked as News Editor with Doordarshan Kendra Srinagar and Radio Kashmir Srinagar. “Both professionally as well as personally, he was a man truly pleasure to meet and work with,” Tahir Ahmad, a middle-rung official in doordarshan, says. Known and respected for his honesty and commitment to the job, Shair also served in different capacities in the Department of Information Jammu and Kashmir. His last rites were performed at his ancestral graveyard near Kathi Darwaza.


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